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World Wide Knit in Public Day!

9 Jun

Here Here! I was reading some knitting daily (on my handy iPhone app) and came across this lovely article about WWKIP! Yes, World Wide Knit in Public Day. (Note: thanks to Ron White whenever I read “public” I pronounce it as “pub-bliCK”. Extra kudos to those who get this reference.) Now the name of this event is a bit deceiving as you see, it is actually a week long even. Well, I think I would love to participate in this somehow someway. I think I shall hop over to one of the local coffee shops around here and knit a bit. For those of you who are hermits like myself, you should go get some sunshine and do the same!

This starts June 11th to the 19th. On the site: http://www.wwkipday.com/, you can look up where there will be meet-ups! For you Portlanders there will be one in Hillsboro at the Farmer’s Market Civic Center on June 18th. It starts at 9am, so you’ll rise and knit pretty much. For more information click me!

Now for you California Knitters on the Central Coast, we have one hosted at the Cambria Historical Museum on June 19th at 10:30am. For more information feel free to click here!

You can also host an event if you like as well! Hope you all get some fun sun knit going! A great inspiration for those summer knits. Hope to see some cotton yarn being put to use!

Happy Summer Knitting!