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Happy New Year My Basted Friends!

4 Jan

New year! New ambitions, aye?

Well let me be that typical lazy blogger and say for one:

(or at least I say I will…)

I am going to try to make some changes. I didn’t do too bad off last year. I lost weight, which I gained back. Oops. I did blog a little bit more, but not enough for my liking. I created my new etsy shop!


On Viva La Stitches, I have 4 items for sale.

4X4 custom

Kinda silly, but hey! They are there! I have plans of what to add onto the store. Some original pieces will be fun! I know I need to add so many things on there. However holiday hours at my work kicked my ass. Not enough alcohol could make up for 4am wake up calls!

With that, I promise to post more tutorials! Since my wedding was mostly DIY I will be making posts relating to those. I have the mini-veil tutorial one, but my wedding based tutes are seriously lackin’! I’m also sure I still have a 3rd installment of knitting gauge waiting to be written. Oops. Okay, that’s it! I am seriously putting some focus on this blog!

I also plan to be more organized. That includes tearing out and re-doing my closet! That should be fun. My whole life needs organization. I have all the apps and planners to do that. I have the resources..and some money to help with my physical things. And I have all the supplies in the world to make millions of product for Viva La Stitches! Now time to just do it!

I would like to thank everyone for their everlasting support! I truly appreciate it! All the follows, likes and comments I’ve gotten brighten up my days immensely!

Now to drink more coffee and Bailey’s while I make a way too long To-Do list!




Tutorial Tuesday: Mini Veil. Featured on Offbeat Bride!

23 Aug

Onto wedding tutorial #2!

This week I have for you my mini veil I wore to my wedding:

I got tons of compliments on my veil, which I greatly appreciated since I did make it myself!  So popular, that this tutorial was actually featured on Offbeat Bride! (Where you can also check out my wedding!) It’s actually extremely easy to make. Today I bring you a video tutorial for this easy peasy head decor!

Sadly when I recorded this, I didn’t realize til after that the audio didn’t record. So I just captioned all the directions for you. Plus you get to enjoy the song we used for our First Dance at the reception (Sam Hart – Mario Cart Love Song.)

For this tutorial you need:

  • Veil material – I used a sheer curtain fabric (that I bought from Beverly’s), you can used tulle, birdcage, lace, or another sheer material. For the lace/curtain panels you want to make sure the free end (on the bottom of the veil that isn’t glued) has a finished end so it won’t unravel. The sides didn’t do much, so I left them unhemmed.
  • Hot Glue Gun 
  • Hair Comb – You can find these at Wal-mart, or Target. Most placed that have hair accessories.
  • Ribbon

by Richard Fusillo

Yep! That’s all you need. Also, it really doesn’t take that long to make. For other tips:

-You may have to trim the square of fabric down to fit your face, and poof right on the comb.

– Don’t go too crazy with the glue, you don’t need too much.

– BEWARE OF THE HOT GLUE! I totally burnt myself a couple times with the stupid thing. ha.

If you have any questions, feel free to let me know! Hope this is helpful!

Happy Crafting!


Offbeat Bride

17 Aug

Bre here with some exciting news! Obviously you all know I was wed this past June. I seeked the site of Offbeat Bride for advice, and inspiration during the planning stages of my wedding. I would sit and stare at the beautiful dresses, awesome party favors and the “HOW THE EFF DID THEY DO THAT?!? cakes. I would day dream of the day my photos would be on this site. I kinda doubted it would happen, or if it did, it’d be year later or something. But I decided to submit it anyways! I thought, why the hell not!? Let’s get this going.

That was when last week, I got an email from an Offbeat Bride intern, stating that my wedding will be featured this coming week. I was shocked. What? You mean, my nuptials were worthy of Offbeat Bride? I smiled, I bragged a little, and I sent the email to my beloved photogragher (Richard Fusillo of course) who was also excited to have his photography on the blog.

Well, today is the day! My Hubs & My wedding is featured on Offbeat bride: Follow this link to see the awesomeness! I am so excited to share my DIY wedding with the world.

Along with this being posted on the Offbeat Bride site, I noticed something as I posted pictures on the “Tribe” (which is like a community of offbeat brides to be.) I noticed a theme in the comments, people really seemed to like my veil! Well, guess what you will be seeing next Tuesday! That’s right, a tutorial to make your very own mini veil! Ha! Aren’t you excited! Well til then, hope you enjoy my wedding as much as I did!