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|Shop Review: Knit Fit|

21 Sep

Lately I have been running on overdrive and having a real hard time with life in general so I decided that Bry & I were going to play hookie one day with my sister-in-law and nephew and head to Solvang. After we walked around for a bit we headed to grab some lunch. We’re sitting there and across the street I see a store called ‘Knit Fit’ and immediately decide we need to go over – I am so glad we did!

I walk into the shop and am faced with a wall of knits. Amazing ones. And darling little knit projects. And imported WOOL FELT PIECES! Around the corner is bolt after bolt of some of the most fun, delicate, and awesome fabric I have ever seen; and I work in a fabric store! There are books galore with knitting patterns, sewing patters, knit and sew how-tos, projects, and more. Cute little finished pieces, cute little everythings. As Samantha and I wander a bit more the kiddos are running up to us asking if they could finger paint. After a reassuring nod from the very helpful store owner, they run off in excitement as she follows them. After browsing a bit more, we decide to head over to see what the kids were up to and the sweet lady set up a table with washable finger paints and a big piece of butchers paper and theyre stenciling and painting. Oh, but this is an every day thing as we had just entered the KIDS CRAFT SECTION of the store with tons of amazing projects for kids and families to do – even eco-friendly ones. {Which I am soooo crazy about!} After grabbing some things here and there and the kiddos getting up to wash their hands, I asked if she had classes. She does. A whole flier full of em. Flier and business card in hand, kiddos artwork drying on her table, and purchases made, we headed out to a few more shops before coming back for the kids painting. Walking in for a second time was still amazing shock for me as the shop is just so artfully maintained and carefully thought out. After purchasing little felt leaves for my knit projects, a pair of imported, handmade maryjanes for Bry, and the kiddos creating their very own masterpiece, I walked out craving more. Plus the owner {ack, I forget her name! I’m horrible with names} was just sweet, helpful, awesome, caring, and passionate about the shop – what more could you ask for? Knit Fit gets two ups from me and I can’t wait to get back there.

Visit their website here!

Knit Fit

473 Atterdag Road

Solvang, CA 93463

{Entrance on Copenhagen}




Happy Crafting!



Shop Review: Scarlet Skein

20 Feb

When I finally discovered there was a yarn shop in Paso, I definitely got giddy! Being as oblivious as I am with cute local shops, I missed this shop when it was in Atascadero. This isn’t a shock I missed it saying I didn’t know there were any fabric stores in Paso until I started working at one.

Well anyway when I walked in, I fell in love with the atmosphere. Brick walls, baskets filled with with beautiful yarns, dark oak shelving. I was already in love! There is such a variety of yarn stuffed in this cozy shop, without making it feel crowded. Everyone who works there is friendly and helpful without being pushy.

They have a sale once a month, and a 75% off basket, which I’ve always been a bit to shy to ask where this basket is. Haha. Oh and can’t forget all the great books and patterns available for sale.

I have 3 favorite things about this fabric other than the vast selection.

1. Prices! I’ve always been a low price online seeker. Here I’ve realized the prices match most online. This makes me feel like they are not trying to rape my wallet. I am a very cheap girl, but I know I can find something suitable in my budget

Along with these budget saving yarn, are the splurges. This is the place I saw the Noro yarns for the first time and got weak in the knees. Oh the selection of soft silky bamboo yarns that make my heart swell!

2. Buttons! Okay this may seem silly, but yes, I love the buttons. Oh and the handmade stitch markers. I can’t tell you for sure if the buttons are also handmade, but they do resemble it. They are quirky, cute, or just plain sophisticated. I know saying buttons are great is a weird thing to love at a yarn shop. I do feel like it compliments the shop it’s personality.

3. Classes, hang-outs & help. This shop is all about creating new craftsters and helping the seasonal ones. They have regular classes you can join to learn a new technique. Classes to help teach people knit from the start. One night a week they hold a knit/crochet & movie night. I thought that was a wonderful idea! Then of course, if a pattern stumps you, forget to make a bobble? Have no clue what yo and ssk means, head over to the Scarlet Skein, and ask away. When I come in there is usually one or more ladies knitting their little hearts out at the table in the back. It always brings a smile to my face.

So there you go. It is a great place and definitely worth a look! I feel like it has everything I expect in a LYS.

Hours & Location

Tuesday to Saturday

827 13th Street
Paso Robles CA 93446

Scarlet Skein

Don’t forget to sign up for their newsletter for what’s on sale, new arrivals & classes!

|Shop Review: Sew Fun|

11 Feb

I recently visited a store right down the street from my house. It’s named “Sew Fun”. I wouldn’t say the atmosphere holds up to it’s name, but it is a convenience for fabric, zippers, thread, etc. if I am in a pinch since Atascadero doesn’t have a Beverly’s.

The store is huge and offers a generous selection of material and supplies, except zippers…. but we all know where I’m shopping for zippers from now on. 🙂 They have a nice little spot in the back of the shop set up for classes like embroidery, quilting, and sewing. Along one side is an array of sewing machines – all Janome brand. Now it’s great that they have a favorite brand sewing machine, but it limits the choices for anyone coming in for not only selection and price {all are over $150.00} but, for replacement parts and supplies since it’s only limited to Janome machines. I have a wonderful Brother machine and Janome is not compatible so going there is not an option. Along the other side is room for cutting mats and templates and buttons – most priced in the higher range comparable to Beverly’s and Betty’s. All of the fabric is in the middle of the store set up as you would normally find in a store offering fabric – by designer, color, pattern. I was surprised that most of the fabric wasn’t the old grandma-y type you’d see; a lot of it was pretty hip and current and reasonably priced, which is a relief if I can’t ever make it up to Birch to purchase something non-Echino or Kokka.

All in all I would have to say that this is a neat little find right around the corner from my house. Convenience alone rates this cute shop pretty high and the reasonable fabric prices level that rating out. Now only if their zipper selection was more and they offered more brands of sewing machines would they get a 5 thimble rating; 3.5 thimbles in my book. If I was a quilter it would definitely be higher.

If you live in Atascadero and are in to sewing. quilting, etc. stop by this cute shop and check it out…. there are some great finds. Not to mention the awesome restaurant next door, the hobby store and Village thrift all in the same shopping center. And when you’re done, grocery shop till you drop at Spencer’s. See, it’s all about convenience. 😉

Here is their shop info:

Sew Fun

8775 El Camino Real in Atascadero


Mon-Fri 10-6, Sat 10-5, Sun-Closed

To find out more info and to check what classes they offer click here.

Happy Sewing! ~Ashley