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Loom Say What?

16 Feb

I’ve been a crocheter since High School sometime, and eventually graduated to Knitting in my post high school-still teen days.  Now, I am definitely a multi-craftster multi-tasker, so when I laid my eyes upon loom knitting, of course I was intrigued.

I’ve seen these things at crafting store all the time, and kinda ignored them. Thinking “oh those are for kids” or “I’m far to elite and experienced for that.” Of course, those were all lies, since 1. I am still a kid at heart 2. I am far to cheap to be elite, and 3. since I’m self-taught in all my hobbies, I never get the nerve or motivation, or patience really, to go to the next level after intermediate.

Well I was cruising etsy, and saw a few cute slouchy hats, loom knitted.  Fine! That’s it! I’m getting a kit.

Of course, this is minus the booklet, red loom & hook it also comes with. I got this set at Walmart, since I didn’t wanna invest a butt load of money  in case I didn’t like it. It was the “Knifty Knitter Round Loom Set” & it was all under $15.  And I snagged some generic Lion Brand Acrylic yarn to do a tester.

So I followed the directions, started looping, and stitching. It seemed pretty easy, only took me a few rows to get a hang of things. I decided to make a hat, since, ya know, that’s the directions they give you for this set. Each loom is a different size, so I decided on the red for “youth size”  since I have a tiny little head.

Well, apparently my head isn’t THAT small. It does fit, but very snuggly.  It was pretty quick (one night) and way easy. Once all the decreasing of normal knitting is removed, it’s a snap to make these. I mean, really, it’s just a tube closed off at one end, you could do that same for normal knitting I guess.

I have to say overall, I enjoy loom knitting. It seems like a stress free way to mindlessly knit up cut accessories. So keep a look out on my Etsy Shop for some loom knit goodies (which will be getting a major make-over as soon as I have another moment in my hectic life.)

Getting this kit I would say was good timing, since I found out last night one of the main venues I was looking at for my wedding, is booked all weekend. Which wouldn’t have been too big of a deal, if they told me 2 weeks ago, when I first emailed them. So I got to take my rage out on this little project.

Finished little treats will be shown soon. 😀 You’ll be able to enjoy their glory, and you’ll be available to wear their glory if you choose.

Well Happy Knitting!