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|Tutorial Tuesday: Half Apron & Napkins|

26 Jul

Finally, I am offering this tutorial plus one! Half apron vintage inspired and coordinating dinner napkins. Both are very easy to make and don’t require a lot of photos so I apologize for the lack of photo demonstration.



  • {1} 24×15 piece of main fabric for skirting
  • {1} 55×8 piece of coordinating fabric for belting
  • {2} 4×4 pieces of same coordinating fabric for pockets
  • {2} buttons
  • Baste 1 inch from top of main fabric leaving thread length on both ends
  • Pull lightly on the top thread of each end, manipulating fabric along thread
  • Once you have it gathered how you like, press the gathers
  • You can either round the bottom corners for a more vintage look or keep squared for a café look
  • Fold the bottom and two sides in 1/4″ and press
  • Stitch around edges to finish then set aside
  • Take your belting piece and fold it in half, right sides together
  • Sew along the edge 1/4″ in
  • Turn right side out and press where seam is in the middle
  • Turn each open end in 1/4″ and top stitch to finish
  • Sew the skirting and belting together by placing the right side of the skirting along the long edge of the right side of the belting and make 1/4″ stitch across
  • Unfold and press
  • Fold in and press all four edges of your pocket; repeat for second pocket {you can round the bottom corners to coordinate with the skirting if you wish, before you fold in and press the edges}
  • Top stitch the top of the pocket
  • Sew the pockets to the skirting in your desired spots
  • Hand sew one button on each pocket
  • Adorn with your label and tah dah
Your very own apron!
  • {1} 18×18 piece of fabric of your choice
  • Fold in all four edges 1/4 ” and press
  • Snip each top fold in each corner for a more finished look
  • Top stitch
And yeah, that is pretty much it. So easy! Repeat four times for a set if desired!
Check back next Tuesday for the tutorial on the pot holders that go with this set!
Happy Sewing!