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Hubby Portrait

13 Nov


Today you now know that I dabble in drawing. I did this with some charcoal pencils I’ve had for years and have no idea how you are “suppose” to use them. I always wish I was better at drawing, and way more creative. I can only copy pictures. When I attempt to come up with something original it usually becomes a disaster.

So here is a picture of my Husband I drew. It’s pretty accurate…except his cute cheeks aren’t quite that chubby…and a few other things that I’m not sure why, but are not quite right. I’d love to take another art class. All the art stuff I know if from a couple classes I took in middle school.

I’d also love to know how to paint.

Now I  am going to enjoy some Angry Orchard Ginger Apple Cider, get on somekind of entertainment and knit a cute cardigan!


|’Hey honey, will you pass the iron when you’re done with you’re shirt? I need to iron my hair.’|

2 Mar

A while ago I was having a conversation with my mom about hair straighteners. I told her how expensive they’re getting, even the ones you find in Walmart, and the new ceramic plate technology they have out to prevent hair from burning and getting {more} damaged than metal. She told me that back when she was young, they didn’t have such a thing so they had to use irons.


Yes, Irons!

My mom told me that she would part her hair in three sections, lay her hair over the ironing board, and iron her hair straight. I thought that was a wild idea, but then I kept thinking and realized – GENIUS! It’s pretty much the same as a flat iron, just with less of a convenience. But convenient all the same.

You already own one so you’re a step ahead – that’s convenient.

But to bed over until all your hair is straight? That seems inconvenient and painful!

It’s no wonder they invented the flat iron!

After posting on Facebook that I was going to blog about how women used to straighten their hair with a common household appliance, my friend Ashley commented saying she still does that sometimes… I just had to know how and why!

Me: Can you describe your process and what you use to straighten your hair with an iron?

Ashley: I use Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide. Before I use the iron, I part my hair into several different parts, use a blow dryer comb attachment to do some pre straightening. Then I lay my head on the ironing board and iron the parts individually and thats it!

Me: Do you put a towel in between your hair and iron?

Ashley: I usually use the iron on a folded up piece of toilet paper first to make sure it wont burn my hair, but do put one down on the board.

Ashley: I like the iron since my hair is so thick and curly… its super heavy duty.

Me: Crazy that you do that! It must take forever!

Ashley: Its so much quicker for me… takes about an hour and a half and close to three hours with a flat iron and my hair is poofier.

I find this information useful because I flat iron my hair daily. Now, my hair isn’t crazy curly or anything, but incredibly wavy and I hate it; so I flat iron it. I wont go as far as saying that I’ll start ironing my hair on a daily basis, but maybe for special occasions I’ll pull my iron out and use it on my hair instead of fabric! 😛

Happy Ironing! {?}