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Sugar Skulls Chillin’!

12 Dec

Completed Sugar Skull Headbands – Design by Sublime Stitching

I have listed two ready to ship headbands onto my Etsy Viva La Stitches! Including one discounted! Don’t forget to use my current Promo code “Soft10” to get 10% off!

4X4 custom

Thinking of something a little different? Let me know, I can do custom orders. Just message me anytime!


Awwe Crap! Christmas Knits!

6 Dec

If you are anything like me you have tons and tons of yarn. And then some. And if you are anything like me, you’re pretty cheap. And you like to give people presents. And to drink…oh wait…well..yeah that too.

Back to the point of this post, it’s time to make some really quick knits up. I personally steer clear of scarves since they basically bore me, and take forever for me to complete. The other night, I cruised along Pinterest and picked out some sweet quick knits for you to make, since you have (almost) 3 weeks to make some presents! I’m going to try to make some of these for people.

Well here’s some effin’ scarves & cowls for you anyways:

Quick Knit Scarf by LoopsKnitting

Marian by Jane Richmond


Life is Uneven Cowl by Jess (on CutOutandKeep)

Fingerless Mittens:

Jane Richmond – Mitten Cuffs

Leg Warmers:

Jane Richmond – Leg Warmers

Always a Christmas Classic – Slippers:

Splash by Drops Design

New Classic – Coffee Cozies:

mug cozy

1. Owl Coffee Cup Cozie 2. Cream Cable Cozy 3. Coffee Mug Cozy

Last but not least:

Here are some sweet blanket options if you have a chunk of time on your hands:


1. Eleventh Hour Blanket – Purl Bee 2. Speed Hook Shell Afghan 3. 5 1/2 Hour Throw 4. 6 Hour Throw

There you go! Some sweet options. For more inspiration hop on over to my Pinterest! Do you have any favorite stitch up real quick projects? Feel free to comment below and let me know!

Also, tonight’s drink of choice was a previously consumed Long Island Milkshake…it was amazing.



Finished: Nautical Baby Vest!

21 Jul

My dear friend Arleen had a baby shower in July, the week before my wedding. Months before she said she’d love something knitted for her coming baby boy, and I said I’d try. I’m aweful with actually finishing projects, not quite sure why. For friends and family who actually receive my knitted gifts, feel special, haha.

Well I really wanted to keep this promise. The fact that I’m not really employed right now should allow me more time to do so. I search and search through Ravelry for a basic vest pattern I could use, preferably free since I’m just using it mostly as a guide line. I’m sure I could’ve figured one out myself, but I don’t have a baby, don’t have many friends with babies, and overall, I just don’t really run into babies. Haha. So sizing is a complete mystery to me when it comes to sizing.

I settled on Baby Argyle Vest and Hat by Jenny Harrell. For yarn, since sadly I am not extremely wealth at this time of life, I picked up some Bernat Satin Solids acrylic yarn. Atleast it’ll be easy to clean, and is totally vegan! Aye? I was really impressed with how soft it was, an easy to knit up. I was quite pleased with that.

Well I started to knit that sucker up. It took me about 3-4 days to finish it. I think most average knitters could finish it in 1-2 days, but I’m just slow, for some unexplained reason. It may be how easily distracted I become? Sadly, the double pointed needles created ladders that I attempted to seam up a bit. Plus I picked up too many stitches in the neckline too. But overall I was pretty proud of myself.

 So adorable, right? If you look closely to the left shoulder (right side of picture) There’s a little button whole, so you don’t have to worry about squeezing those cute fat heads through the whole. hehe.

Funny thing, I’m actually using the quilt Arleen made me as a background for these pictures.

And if you look closely that button has a little anchor on it as well. Swoon!

Last but not least, my personal little touch. I keep talking about wanting to knit and sale baby items on etsy, got a shop and all. I’ve made a beanie for a friend (that didn’t quite fit the little one’s adorable noggin) and that was the first Shnookum’s item. However, this is the first “official” Shnookum’s item, with a hand-stamped, sewn in label and all!

So even though we are waiting for Arleen to pop any moment, I made the vest in a size between 3-6 months. That way it’ll be great for fall/winter. I can not wait to see little Dylan in pictures wearing this vest!

I would recommend this pattern to others. It was really easy to follow, and a rather quick knit.

Happy Knitting!