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Happy New Year My Basted Friends!

4 Jan

New year! New ambitions, aye?

Well let me be that typical lazy blogger and say for one:

(or at least I say I will…)

I am going to try to make some changes. I didn’t do too bad off last year. I lost weight, which I gained back. Oops. I did blog a little bit more, but not enough for my liking. I created my new etsy shop!


On Viva La Stitches, I have 4 items for sale.

4X4 custom

Kinda silly, but hey! They are there! I have plans of what to add onto the store. Some original pieces will be fun! I know I need to add so many things on there. However holiday hours at my work kicked my ass. Not enough alcohol could make up for 4am wake up calls!

With that, I promise to post more tutorials! Since my wedding was mostly DIY I will be making posts relating to those. I have the mini-veil tutorial one, but my wedding based tutes are seriously lackin’! I’m also sure I still have a 3rd installment of knitting gauge waiting to be written. Oops. Okay, that’s it! I am seriously putting some focus on this blog!

I also plan to be more organized. That includes tearing out and re-doing my closet! That should be fun. My whole life needs organization. I have all the apps and planners to do that. I have the resources..and some money to help with my physical things. And I have all the supplies in the world to make millions of product for Viva La Stitches! Now time to just do it!

I would like to thank everyone for their everlasting support! I truly appreciate it! All the follows, likes and comments I’ve gotten brighten up my days immensely!

Now to drink more coffee and Bailey’s while I make a way too long To-Do list!




Sugar Skulls Chillin’!

12 Dec

Completed Sugar Skull Headbands – Design by Sublime Stitching

I have listed two ready to ship headbands onto my Etsy Viva La Stitches! Including one discounted! Don’t forget to use my current Promo code “Soft10” to get 10% off!

4X4 custom

Thinking of something a little different? Let me know, I can do custom orders. Just message me anytime!

Hopeful New Product

13 Sep

So I’ve been working on my etsy site and have created the first possible product for it:


Sugar skull headband! This one is based off the Sublime Stitching pattern I recently got but it’s all hand done! I’m in love with it. Apparently so are tons of my friends and strangers I’ve ran into. If not this exact pattern, I’ll have a similar item up. I plan to make these in headbands, clips, and pins!

Keep your eye out for my new shop and some fun new product!

Happy Crafting!

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye

12 Aug

After 9 months of posting in other places, it is time for me to say goodbye.

Last October I decided to pull out of the co-blogging world and start something new for myself. Simply put, I outgrew Sew Basted and thus, The Little Willow Tree was born. So I’m handing the reigns over to Breana and let me tell you.. she is going to take you by storm! She has a lot of new projects to share so prepare yourselves for a whole slew of craftiness.

Please keep this blog bookmarked, it will be back up soon. And in the meantime, come check out all that Ive been up to since last winter at The Little Willow Tree! And if you visit before the end of August, you’ll have a chance to enter my ‘pick your prize’ giveaway!

But hey, I’m not totally saying goodbye. Breana has asked me to do some guest blogger spots so you’ll see me pop in from time to time.

It was wonderful sharing all things crafty with Breana and Im sad to say my goodbyes.

The Little Willow Tree on Etsy

Oliver’s Treasure Chest on Etsy

JoviLane on Etsy

fabricscrapped on Etsy

Happy Crafting!


October already!?

6 Oct

Wow time flies when you’re working retail! Yes I am alive, just quite busy lately with work and life. I apologize for being so MIA, and yes, I feel awful. This blog has been on my mind about everyday, and everyday I haven’t had much new things to post/show/share, and this saddens me. Some is for personal reasons, and some is really just lack of time. I am really going to work more on this! I’m hoping this chilly weather will inspire me more to knit up some new designs. For the first time I’m looking into making some lovely cowls for my etsy store.

So unfortunately I don’t have much to tell you except my newest listing on my etsy! I have the Slouchy Beanie with a Twist:


Don’t you love spontaeous photo opts. I’m hoping to get some  lovelier pictures soon!

Oh hello little mini mock cables! How are you? I love these guys, gives a little umph to the brim. The best part? They are actually alternating cables. Had to give myself bit of a challange!


This beanie is quite warm even though it’s not very thick. It’s a fun single strand knitted cap with double ribs for extra stretch. I’m pretty stoked on this beanie, and can’t wait to make a few more! Along with this guy I have a few other beanies for the family if you wanna check it out! So that’s my little update today, and hope to do a couple more tutorials, and of course I haven’t forgotten the last part of Gauge. I still have to teach y’all how to create a pattern!

Happy Fall!


|Etsy: a s h l e y m a r i e .|

20 Sep

As you all know, I have an Etsy shop, and recently I’ve updated my prices. I have a bit of stock that I would like to push since I’m re-hauling everything to do mostly custom orders and make way for new creations I’ve been working on for some time. Anything listed that isn’t a custom order item has been reduced in price. But, on top of that, if you follow – our blog I’m extending a discount to YOU! Just enter the coupon FOLLOWMYTHREAD at check out and you will receive 10% off your purchase! Head over to my shop now and see what creation is going home with you. And while you’re at it – see what our lovely Breana has been knitting for you to take home too!

Happy Etsying!


P.S. Thank you to all our loyal blog readers – your support is amazing!

Finished Friday

26 Aug

No freebie Friday this week, but I thought I’d post what I recently finished and posted onto my Etsy shop!

This is a fun ribbed slouchy beanie I knitted up a couple weeks ago. It was a freestyle knit, and have to say I like it quite a bit. The color together work off eachother very well making a slight red tweed effect.

This was knitted with 3 strands of yarn held together all the way.  What I also like about this hat is it can be worn slouchy, or you can fold up the brim to make it shorter and give your ears that extra warmth!

I am considering doing custom knit beanies of this version, just have to contact me for more information! With this new knit hat, and more accessories to come,  I currently have a sale for our blog readers! Simply put SBIWP10 into the coupon code box, and you will receive 10% off your purchase. This is valid for all the items in my etsy shop right now!

Hope you enjoyed my latest creation! Happy Knitting!