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Happy New Year My Basted Friends!

4 Jan

New year! New ambitions, aye?

Well let me be that typical lazy blogger and say for one:

(or at least I say I will…)

I am going to try to make some changes. I didn’t do too bad off last year. I lost weight, which I gained back. Oops. I did blog a little bit more, but not enough for my liking. I created my new etsy shop!


On Viva La Stitches, I have 4 items for sale.

4X4 custom

Kinda silly, but hey! They are there! I have plans of what to add onto the store. Some original pieces will be fun! I know I need to add so many things on there. However holiday hours at my work kicked my ass. Not enough alcohol could make up for 4am wake up calls!

With that, I promise to post more tutorials! Since my wedding was mostly DIY I will be making posts relating to those. I have the mini-veil tutorial one, but my wedding based tutes are seriously lackin’! I’m also sure I still have a 3rd installment of knitting gauge waiting to be written. Oops. Okay, that’s it! I am seriously putting some focus on this blog!

I also plan to be more organized. That includes tearing out and re-doing my closet! That should be fun. My whole life needs organization. I have all the apps and planners to do that. I have the resources..and some money to help with my physical things. And I have all the supplies in the world to make millions of product for Viva La Stitches! Now time to just do it!

I would like to thank everyone for their everlasting support! I truly appreciate it! All the follows, likes and comments I’ve gotten brighten up my days immensely!

Now to drink more coffee and Bailey’s while I make a way too long To-Do list!




Of course I made this!

31 Oct

One of my buddies just filled up her home with some new sweet roommates. They had a Halloween/House Warming party Sunday that I gladly joined. Of course, it wasn’t until earlier that day I realized I should have a handcrafted housewarming gift for her.

One phrase came to mind:

She’s very much a freespirit kinda girl, which is what I love about her.

With the cutesy font, and bright red font I feel like this little tea towel is a winner. Just gotta sew on a loop to hang it and it’s done. Who wants oneee? Pretty sure this is going on my Etsy soon as a customized item.

Thank You Post Card Tutorial

26 Jul

Since majority of my wedding was do it yourself, I thought the thank you cards should be as well. I wanted something cute and very crafty. If you look for thank you cards, they can become very expensive. Especially if you were spoiled as my husband & I and receive many gifts, those cards add up.  So I decided I’d make my own postcards, so save on paper and postage.

What’s so wonderful about this project is it can be used for more than just thank you’s. Everyone loves getting a mail, as long as it isn’t a bill. These are great for Birthdays, anniversaries, thinking of you’s, announcements, just because, and so on. You might want to just make up reasons to make these guys!

I made about 50 of these suckers:

Each one became a personal thank you in design. I thought I’d make a little tutorial on the basic of how I made these suckers.

Implements of Post Card Crafting:

  • Blank post cards – I bought some 4.25″x5.5 cards on Amazon. Cost me about $15 (with shipping) for 400 cards! I didn’t realize how many I bought until after. Other options are pictures, cardstock, and index cards. Just make sure they follow the measurement rules for post cards. For USPS this is: Minimum 3.5″x5″ and Maximum 4.25″x6″, with a thickness of .007″- .016″. Other wise, if they are bigger you will be paying more for postage.
  • Rubber Stamps – I bought my from Paper Source in Portland. Such a fun selection!
  • Ink pad – or paint if you’re so talented with it. I also bought this at Paper Source.
  • Decorative paper. I got some wedding scrapbooking card stock from Michaels.
  • Glue. I used 2.5 glue sticks for this project. However I recommend a stronger clear glue.
  • Scissors – I had a pair of decorative edge scissors like these: Kraft Scissors and normal kind.
  • Other: Ribbon, Tulle, Fabric, whatever other cool things that’ll glue. Be creative with this.

Now these are super easy to make, and the idea is to just be really creative:

  1. Get your post card out.
  2. Stamp it! My advice is to stamp on something hard like a table surface. I was using books & the box my postcards were in. I also stamped the “thank you” on the card as well.
  3. Add Decoration. For this one I added first the tulle. I glued the post card itself where the tulle was gonna sit, put the pre-cut tulle over it and used a paper to rub on top to make sure the glue stuck to the tulle.
  4. Glue on decorative paper. I pre-cut this paper with my awesome edging scissors. Put the glue on the back of the decorative paper instead of directly on the tulle. Your tulle will otherwise slide around and not participate.
  5. Tie a little bow, trim excess ribbon. Now glue that sucker on!

This one, I added an extra strip of decoration on top to add a bit more, pizzazz!

There you go! One post card down. I made quite a few, So I guess I’ll show you some of my favorites!

For this one I stamped on a piece of paper first, cut it out, glued it on. Then I cut 2 strips and glued those on, then the ribbon. Many times I cut the pieces a little longer than the post card and cut off the excess.

Why yes, that little thank you does have a mustache! I used the edge scissors to help create the outline of the mustache, and fixed it with my normal scissors.  I first glued on the ribbon, and added the craft paper. For the edges I carefully cute them out with the edge scissors.

And now, for the grand finale, ALL OF THEM! Well, in one picture, spread out:

Click the picture to zoom!

I really enjoyed this craft, and want to look more into making cards also. I’ve seen post card specific rubber stamps to put on the back, and I’m looking into buying a kit for future post cards and make them more authentic.  Also a tip, is I bought my postcard stamps online. It was much easier than going to the local post office, and they came in 2 days.

If you see a specific one that you want me to explain how I made it, feel free to comment, and I’ll dish all the details.  Now to finish filling them out and send them out! Whew.

Happy Paper Crafting!


Finished: Nautical Baby Vest!

21 Jul

My dear friend Arleen had a baby shower in July, the week before my wedding. Months before she said she’d love something knitted for her coming baby boy, and I said I’d try. I’m aweful with actually finishing projects, not quite sure why. For friends and family who actually receive my knitted gifts, feel special, haha.

Well I really wanted to keep this promise. The fact that I’m not really employed right now should allow me more time to do so. I search and search through Ravelry for a basic vest pattern I could use, preferably free since I’m just using it mostly as a guide line. I’m sure I could’ve figured one out myself, but I don’t have a baby, don’t have many friends with babies, and overall, I just don’t really run into babies. Haha. So sizing is a complete mystery to me when it comes to sizing.

I settled on Baby Argyle Vest and Hat by Jenny Harrell. For yarn, since sadly I am not extremely wealth at this time of life, I picked up some Bernat Satin Solids acrylic yarn. Atleast it’ll be easy to clean, and is totally vegan! Aye? I was really impressed with how soft it was, an easy to knit up. I was quite pleased with that.

Well I started to knit that sucker up. It took me about 3-4 days to finish it. I think most average knitters could finish it in 1-2 days, but I’m just slow, for some unexplained reason. It may be how easily distracted I become? Sadly, the double pointed needles created ladders that I attempted to seam up a bit. Plus I picked up too many stitches in the neckline too. But overall I was pretty proud of myself.

 So adorable, right? If you look closely to the left shoulder (right side of picture) There’s a little button whole, so you don’t have to worry about squeezing those cute fat heads through the whole. hehe.

Funny thing, I’m actually using the quilt Arleen made me as a background for these pictures.

And if you look closely that button has a little anchor on it as well. Swoon!

Last but not least, my personal little touch. I keep talking about wanting to knit and sale baby items on etsy, got a shop and all. I’ve made a beanie for a friend (that didn’t quite fit the little one’s adorable noggin) and that was the first Shnookum’s item. However, this is the first “official” Shnookum’s item, with a hand-stamped, sewn in label and all!

So even though we are waiting for Arleen to pop any moment, I made the vest in a size between 3-6 months. That way it’ll be great for fall/winter. I can not wait to see little Dylan in pictures wearing this vest!

I would recommend this pattern to others. It was really easy to follow, and a rather quick knit.

Happy Knitting!


Etsy Seller Review

18 Jul

January 1st, 2011 my now husband surprised me with a beautiful hand crafted Moissanite tension set titanium ring. The ring selection didn’t surprise me too much though. He paid close attention to the, ahem, subtle emails I sent him with pictures & links to the ring on etsy.

I remember when I first stumbled across ZoeAndDoyle‘s Etsy shop.  They had a ring featured on the front page, and my jaw dropped. This thing was so awesome looking. The price wasn’t too bad either. I knew I had to have it for my engagement ring.

Caleb tells me he purchased the ring in November and received it in December. He didn’t have any issues with wait time or anything else. Well that’s great to know.

Of course along with that first email, I sent him other emails of another ring by the same shop that I loved. It was the same idea, but brushed coating, and cut-outs/grooves next to the stone. Trust me, so dreamy. Well since these rings were so well priced, and most engagement rings cost atleast double, if not triple of mine, I was allowed to get another one. Now please understand, I’m not a (complete) spoiled brat. The first ring he got me was a little on the snug side. I wanted a ring that fit more properly for when my fingers swell in the summer (and whenever I become pregnant one day.) Well I found a design that  Caleb loved for our wedding bands. It went well with my other favorite tension ring. We decided to get Buffalo engraved in his band and Buffalo Gal engraved in mine. These are cheesy nicknames we gave each other in the beginning of our relationship.

Now, as a warning, some of their feedback isn’t positive. Now, as a relief, majority of the complaints have nothing to do with quality of the rings. It has to do with time frames. This did slightly scare me since we needed the rings before we left to California.

I convo’d the Jeremiah (shop owner) and told him what I wanted and how I had to have it before June 10th. I will say I didn’t always get an immediate response, which some expect. However, it never took more than 2 messages to get his attention. He was always helpful and polite in every exchange. He agreed upon the terms, and we bought the rings. The previous negative feedbacks did make me nervous.

Well after impatiently waiting a few weeks, the rings arrived. I received them June 9th in an Express Envelope. I was so pleased! The rings are beautiful! The engravings are perfect! My wedding band is only 3MM, and you can still read Buffalo Gal clearly. You can see how much time and detail are put into these beautiful rings.

Currently there are not tons of available items in the shop, but don’t hesitate to convo them and ask if it’s possible to make something.  I believe the reason for delayed orders is explained rather clearly in the shop description:

“Please keep in mind that I am solely responsible for all correspondence, shipping, and fabrication of the rings, so I appreciate your patience with any slow communication. I read every message everyday but may not be able to respond immediately. Thank you for your understanding. “

What seems to happen in the past, is the shop gets very popular and overwhelmed with orders before he can say “Sorry I can no longer take anymore orders.”

I can say I would recommend this shop to others, which I have.  And I would definitely shop there again.



|Wow, those are some big pot holders you got there!|

8 Mar

This past Sunday one of Bry’s friends came over so I could show her how to use a sewing machine and in the process, create something she could take home to be proud of.

I had picked up this amazing fabric from my dear friends at Picking Daisies. It is a super cool retro pattern that I fell in love with and immediately decided would be perfect to create some pot holders out of – a simple thing to create for a first time learner.

Savanna had never used a sewing machine before so after cutting the fabric for the pot holders, I showed her how to set up everything and then I had her do it all over again. From plugging it in to winding the bobbin to threading the machine and everything in between and beyond. Then I had her pin the fabric and batting pieces together and we got to gettin’ on the machine.

She started out, as any first timer would, with crooked seams to quilt the pot holder. But as she started getting more into the project, her seams got straighter and more even in between.

After the quilting part was finished, we took a break. Haha – all that teaching a sewing made us hungry! So we went to Sylvester’s Burgers in Atascadero and the kids got a little silly.

After that lovely break, we got back and cut the pot holders to size and sewed around each edge. Next was putting the bias binding on. For this I cut 2″x 36″ of the same fabric used – this was just to finish off the edges. We used a zig zag stitching to make it more unique.

All in all, she did a good job. Savanna picked up on how to use the machine quite easily and her finished product was definitely something to be proud of.

Product and materials used:

  • Early Bird Toasters Fabric by Cosmo Cricket
  • {2} 10″x10″ of Early Bird
  • {2} 10″x10″ of super muslin
  • {2} 2″x36″ Early Bird for bias binding
  • {6} 10″x10″ organic cotton batting
  • Coordinating light blue thread
  • Rotary cutter
  • Measuring tape


Layering the fabric and batting: {1} super muslin, {3} batting pieces, {1} early bird – pin around edges

Repeat for second pot holder

Quilt the pieces in any pattern you want. {Horizontal to pattern, vertical to pattern, or diagonal to make a diamond pattern}

Eat a delicious side salad and fries from Sylvester’s Burgers

Cut pot holder to size

Sew around edges, 1/4″ from edge

Pin bias on and make a straight seam around bias

Option: Use my favorite stitching {zig zag} to finish edges on bias and make your pot holder unique. Or don’t and be boring! {Just kidding!}


I had a lot of fun helping Savanna create this and can’t wait to make more things with her. Because I cut the fabric so big {got measurements from a couple online tutorials}, we ended up with GINORMOUS pot holders! Lol. Thank goodness her dad has big hands! Haha.

Breana & I encourage you to be a mentor and spread the crafting fever. If you know someone who mentors, teaches, holds workshops, etc, let us know so we can get the word out. help celebrate National Craft Month!


Friday Freebie Winners!

1 Mar


So we have 2 lovely winners for these 2 lovely prizes. We used a random number generator to pick the comments:

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Here are your random numbers:

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Amy Elizabeth



We will be trying to contact you tonight for shipping information. I hope to hear from you two soon.

We would like to thank everyone for their great participation! We can’t wait to provides more Freebie Fridays in the future. Don’t forget to check out our latest giveaway for National Craft Month: https://sewbastediwannapurl.wordpress.com/2011/02/28/national-craft-month/.

Happy Crafting!

Ashley & Breana