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Hubby Portrait

13 Nov


Today you now know that I dabble in drawing. I did this with some charcoal pencils I’ve had for years and have no idea how you are “suppose” to use them. I always wish I was better at drawing, and way more creative. I can only copy pictures. When I attempt to come up with something original it usually becomes a disaster.

So here is a picture of my Husband I drew. It’s pretty accurate…except his cute cheeks aren’t quite that chubby…and a few other things that I’m not sure why, but are not quite right. I’d love to take another art class. All the art stuff I know if from a couple classes I took in middle school.

I’d also love to know how to paint.

Now I  am going to enjoy some Angry Orchard Ginger Apple Cider, get on somekind of entertainment and knit a cute cardigan!


A friend of a friend project

2 Oct

Since my recent embroidery obsession, some friends have made requests. I sent my Lady Guadalupe back to a buddy in California.  She is oh so stoked on it too!

have to say it is pretty sweet looking! ha. I didn’t have anywhere to put it either, so it totally worked out.

Recently my other buddy Jess enlisted in me to help her out. She is attending a wedding and wanted to give the bride and groom a unique present. She saw a picture of embroidered lyrics online and wanted a duplicate of it. Not hard at all! The hardest part of this whole project was picking the font (which is Skinny Jeans if anyone wanted to know.)

Finally I got to stitching this piece of magic. Anything with a Weezer reference is golden to me.

I chose a napkin for my fabric, and a pretty light gray for the words. I had to try to fix the M on me about 3 times until I gave up and let it be.

This gift is so sweet and adorable. I wrapped it up and threw it in the pre-selected frame:

This would be the equivalent of a rough draft for me for the framing. I still need to re-position it a bit, glue a bit and seam the back to keep it taunt. I’m pretty stoked on it! Totally worth the beer I’m exchanging for it! I highly doubt I will be selling this, since it’s inspired by someone else. However, I have thought of a few sweet embroidered designs to frame and hang. And may look into some fun phrases to do this with.

Happy Crafting!


Work In Progress.

5 Sep

Let’s go over a few things on my needles.

These are my Beer Gloves (by Kurt Fausset) that I started about, oh, 2 years ago. We went on a mini road trip to Seattle and I decided to finally get working on them!

This is the 2nd. glove. I’m actually almost done with this one as well. I have 2.5 fingers left, 1 finger on the other glove to fix the bind off, and lots of yarn to weave in…By the way, does anyone have any weaving in tips? That when I get the laziest and seem to not care too much at all.

Source: google.com via Mary on Pinterest

The next have been hanging out on my needles a bit too long. The Modern Garden Cardigan by Veera Välimäki. I LOVE this cardigan. I need to finish this cardigan! I am to the part before the arms get added on. i need to get to knitting those! of course on my 5’1″ frame, it looks pretty long.

For this guy I used some Loops & Threads Charisma yarn. I actually am a pretty big fan for feel and drape. However, it does seem a bit heavy, and I know this thing will frizz and pile. Good thing this thing is a pretty quick knit. I know next time I make it, I’m going to use better yarn (duh) and take out some repeats in the leaf motif so I can have it a bit shorter.

I know after I finish and wear this to work all the girls are gonna want one! I better start setting up knitting classes at my house so they can make their own. I need to get back to knitting these things. I have a few things in my WIP piles that also want to be finished.

Happy Crafting!