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October already!?

6 Oct

Wow time flies when you’re working retail! Yes I am alive, just quite busy lately with work and life. I apologize for being so MIA, and yes, I feel awful. This blog has been on my mind about everyday, and everyday I haven’t had much new things to post/show/share, and this saddens me. Some is for personal reasons, and some is really just lack of time. I am really going to work more on this! I’m hoping this chilly weather will inspire me more to knit up some new designs. For the first time I’m looking into making some lovely cowls for my etsy store.

So unfortunately I don’t have much to tell you except my newest listing on my etsy! I have the Slouchy Beanie with a Twist:


Don’t you love spontaeous photo opts. I’m hoping to get some  lovelier pictures soon!

Oh hello little mini mock cables! How are you? I love these guys, gives a little umph to the brim. The best part? They are actually alternating cables. Had to give myself bit of a challange!


This beanie is quite warm even though it’s not very thick. It’s a fun single strand knitted cap with double ribs for extra stretch. I’m pretty stoked on this beanie, and can’t wait to make a few more! Along with this guy I have a few other beanies for the family if you wanna check it out! So that’s my little update today, and hope to do a couple more tutorials, and of course I haven’t forgotten the last part of Gauge. I still have to teach y’all how to create a pattern!

Happy Fall!



Finished Friday

26 Aug

No freebie Friday this week, but I thought I’d post what I recently finished and posted onto my Etsy shop!

This is a fun ribbed slouchy beanie I knitted up a couple weeks ago. It was a freestyle knit, and have to say I like it quite a bit. The color together work off eachother very well making a slight red tweed effect.

This was knitted with 3 strands of yarn held together all the way.  What I also like about this hat is it can be worn slouchy, or you can fold up the brim to make it shorter and give your ears that extra warmth!

I am considering doing custom knit beanies of this version, just have to contact me for more information! With this new knit hat, and more accessories to come,  I currently have a sale for our blog readers! Simply put SBIWP10 into the coupon code box, and you will receive 10% off your purchase. This is valid for all the items in my etsy shop right now!

Hope you enjoyed my latest creation! Happy Knitting!


Gauge is Important Part 2 – Altering a Pattern

12 May

Long time no part 2. Eep!

Well, if you haven’t read Part One, please check out here:

 Gauge is Important Part 1

Not onto how else knowing your gauge will help. I have a very small head compared to others, this can create a pattern. Along with that, I knit loose. This can cause a problem in knitting up a clothing item.  Today we will be using my “Double up the rib, extra slouch on top please” beanie

Say you wanna make this for someone who’s head is about 16″, which is a pretty small head. I think that’s a toddler maybe…anywho. So you need to take off 4″. Well the gauge is as follows:

Needle: US8 / 5.0mm

Yarn: Bulky 12ply – Spud & Chloe Outer in Soapstone

Gauge: 12st x 18rw = 4″ st st

So that’s 3 stitches per inch, and takes 60 stitches to make the 20″ headband of the beanie. For the 16″ headband, here is the math: 3st (per inch) X 16″ = 48 stitches to begin. That is is if you have the same gauge. Say if your gauge was 4″ per inch? Then your formula would be 4st X 16″ = 64 stitches.

So the formula is: Stitches for inch X inches to knit = how many stitches you need. Does this makes sense? Now remember that doing this, does come with some issues. For this beanie it is a double rib, which has a 4 stitch repeat. So you have to make sure your stitches can do that. So for example, say your math ended up being 66 stitches, you have to make a decision. You have 2 options, up or down. Either you go up 2 stitches or down 2 stitches. Usually either won’t make that big of a difference, so it’s up to your preference.

If you have an 8 stitch pattern, you may have more issues. I look into the detail of the pattern. Are there free stitches between each repeat? Can I eliminate any of these? Can I add some stitches between?

When taking or adding stitches to patterns, don’t forget about the rows. This is important for the length of the project. If you are making a sweater or hat, make sure that your math still fits for those rows.

For the beanie pattern I have 4.5 rows per inch. Now say you have 4 rows per inch, this can make a difference. Now for the beanie it is only about 1/2″ difference. But say a larger sweater that was about 40″ long, that would make a difference of  about 4 inches…that could suck.

So the math you ask?

Rows per inch  X inches needed = total rows

So if you are 4″ off, find out how many rows you need to make that up, What I would do then is split it up.

Let’s try the beanie pattern again, we’re focusing on the crown/top half:

I know it is 21 rows, so now a x b = c is c/a=b It’s algebra, so bare with me if it’s confusing you:

mine: 21 final rows/4.5rw  = 4.5″

yours: 21 final rows / 4rw = 5.25

it’s a 3/4″ difference. How to make it less? You need to take out 3 rows. (This once was easy since you’re is 4rows per inch, so each stitch is 1/4″. ) So you find “filler rows” to remove. This is pretty easy for me, just take out maybe 1 row from the rib, and 2 rows at the beginning of the crown. Say it’s a pattern with tons of decrease/increase? Just remember to split up the garment into sections of where you have to take out (or add possibly) a row.

Okay, I know that is confusing! Please take some time to check out Stitch & Bitch Nation by Debbie Stroller for some more help. There’s a great section on there all about gauge! How do you think I learned so much? Feel free to ask any questions, or ask for further explanation!

Happy Knitting!

Bre 😀

Freebie Fridays

25 Feb

We are so so so so excited to reveal this installment of our Blog. It will bring a whole new meaning to TGIF!


or Finished Project Friday, since, ya know, we can’t always be giving stuff away.

So for our very first ever giveaway, we’re gonna make it easy:

Comment this post with what you would like us to Blog about. That’s right, isn’t that easy? So you ask, what are the prizes? Well, even better news, we have TWO! So that makes TWO winners!

First, Ashley’s awesome draw string bag. These are awesome. Bre uses them to hold different knitting projects, which is way helpful to have the drawstring, since she’s so klutzy, and always spills her bags everywhere. So here is prize 1:

Multi-Use Drawstring Bag

Oh but wait, there’s more! (More?) MUCH MORE!

Another lucky winner will win a loom knit baby beanie. It’s simple, warm, and uber hip. Well, as hip as it needs to be for a baby ;).

I would like to thank Cynthia’s Blythe doll for modeling for me in such short notice.

Obviously this is a pretty small baby beanie, anyone expecting a newborn?

But one more thing! Yep, Breana will double up this deal. If we get 50 comments, on this post, she will make a custom made adult beanie to match, with black & gray stripes. I mean, c’mon, how awesome is that? So one winner will get 2 beanies – one for the little one and one for themselves. So let’s get this going!

Fine Print:

This contest will end Monday at 7pm Pacific time. It is valid for USA only. Only 1 comment per person. If we find out people are double commenting, you will be disqualified. The winners will be posted Tuesday.

About the bag:

Handcrafted by Ashley of a s h l e y m a r i e . on Etsy

Measures 12×14, made of 100% cotton with 100% cotton drawstring, and appliqued fabrics by Echino and Kokka.

Can be used for anything your little heart desires!

About the beanie:

7″ long with a diameter of 13 inches. Can stretch to at least 14″. Made out of acrylic, which makes this baby vegan. Hand knit with a loom. The adult hat will be made from a loom also with the same gray yarn, and also a bulky black yarn in a striping pattern.

Happy Crafting!

Ashley & Breana

Loom Say What?

16 Feb

I’ve been a crocheter since High School sometime, and eventually graduated to Knitting in my post high school-still teen days.  Now, I am definitely a multi-craftster multi-tasker, so when I laid my eyes upon loom knitting, of course I was intrigued.

I’ve seen these things at crafting store all the time, and kinda ignored them. Thinking “oh those are for kids” or “I’m far to elite and experienced for that.” Of course, those were all lies, since 1. I am still a kid at heart 2. I am far to cheap to be elite, and 3. since I’m self-taught in all my hobbies, I never get the nerve or motivation, or patience really, to go to the next level after intermediate.

Well I was cruising etsy, and saw a few cute slouchy hats, loom knitted.  Fine! That’s it! I’m getting a kit.

Of course, this is minus the booklet, red loom & hook it also comes with. I got this set at Walmart, since I didn’t wanna invest a butt load of money  in case I didn’t like it. It was the “Knifty Knitter Round Loom Set” & it was all under $15.  And I snagged some generic Lion Brand Acrylic yarn to do a tester.

So I followed the directions, started looping, and stitching. It seemed pretty easy, only took me a few rows to get a hang of things. I decided to make a hat, since, ya know, that’s the directions they give you for this set. Each loom is a different size, so I decided on the red for “youth size”  since I have a tiny little head.

Well, apparently my head isn’t THAT small. It does fit, but very snuggly.  It was pretty quick (one night) and way easy. Once all the decreasing of normal knitting is removed, it’s a snap to make these. I mean, really, it’s just a tube closed off at one end, you could do that same for normal knitting I guess.

I have to say overall, I enjoy loom knitting. It seems like a stress free way to mindlessly knit up cut accessories. So keep a look out on my Etsy Shop for some loom knit goodies (which will be getting a major make-over as soon as I have another moment in my hectic life.)

Getting this kit I would say was good timing, since I found out last night one of the main venues I was looking at for my wedding, is booked all weekend. Which wouldn’t have been too big of a deal, if they told me 2 weeks ago, when I first emailed them. So I got to take my rage out on this little project.

Finished little treats will be shown soon. 😀 You’ll be able to enjoy their glory, and you’ll be available to wear their glory if you choose.

Well Happy Knitting!