If you read the title, understood it and giggled, you belong here!

You can call me Bre.

Craftiness has something that has always been so natural for me. I love all forms and diy! Time to spread the knowledge of what I do know, and show the really stupid things I do when I have no clue what the hell I’m doing. or when I’ve had just a few too many beers.

Now that I have that little intro out of the way, here’s the details:

I’m going through my quarter-life crisis happily married, living the dream of the 90’s in Portland, Oregon! I can tell you “put a bird on it” is a household phrase in these parts.  I always label myself as a Multi-Tasker Multi-Craftster. I jump from project to project, and usually reading, watching a movie, or finding something completely random to do while I’m suppose to be stitchin’. I seem to get ADD when it comes to crafts, though I love them OH so much!

As for other things, I enjoy reading when I get a chance, preferably in the park. I would totally be a foodie if I wasn’t so damn picky when it came to food. I have a passion for hair, and am licensed to do so. Yep, I think that’s pretty much it.


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