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Michael’s Celebrates National Craft Month

14 Mar

Here is what’s happening at Michael’s Craft stores around the nation for National Craft Month:

March 19 – The Knack Family Event {While supplies last} – ages 3 and up

  • Make it and take it – clay pot and saucer {with purchase of materials}. Turn a clay pot into a giant decorative cupcake. 10am-Noon

March 20 – Bead Event {While supplies last} – for adults

  • Make it and take it – a ‘sea breeze necklace’… starts at 1pm {with purchase of pendant}
  • Free demo – ‘pearl cluster earrings’… starts at 2pm
  • Make it and take it – ‘bracelet’… starts at 3pm
  • Free demo – ‘twist tie flower ring’… starts at 4pm

March 26 – FREE Scrapbook Page & FREE Shadowbox Demo {While supplies last} – adults only

  • Make the most of your memories with a stylish make it and take it scrapbook shadowbox. 10am-Noon

March 27 – The Knack FREE Family Event {While supplies last} – ages 3 and up

  • Make it and take it bottle caps. Design your own creation! 1-3pm

All month long Michael’s is offering a complete acrylic painting class for 40% off! See store associate for class date & times.

All month long Michael’s is offering scrapbooking classes for 40% off! See store associate for class date & times.

You can visit Michael’s to view more event details and see photos of the crafting events listed.


|Crafting Fail… Way to go Mom!|

14 Mar

*Please note: Even with the major fail on my part, I still encourage you all to craft – even if you aren’t the crafty type!

Since it’s National Craft Month, I decided it would be a good idea to do a weekly craft with my daughter, Bry. Last weekend we sat down and attempted to make a lanyard keychain. I used to make them with this girl Tiffany that I lived with back in my teen years. We made several of them all the time. Man, we should have sold them back then! So we got all our materials out…

… and I’d show you more photos but I can’t….

Because I literally forgot how to start a lanyard! I know how to make it – once it’s started. So I jumped on youtube to see if I could find a tutorial… and I did. But for the life of me could not understand a single one of them! Usually I don’t give up, but because I was so frustrated that I couldn’t even start the darn thing and we had a back-up craft, I said ‘screw it, we’re moving on!’

So we did.

Loom Weaving… ahhh, the good ol’ days! I got so excited because I used to make these back when I was younger than Bry even. We got all the stuff out and I showed Bry what to do. She was way in to it.

She wanted to do the entire thing.

Which was awesome cause Bry is the more artsy type than sitting down and being a crafter. She’s a stick to whatcha know kinda girl, as am I, so to see her take charge was quite amazing. We both totally got into it. Then she completes the entire thing and its time to finish it off.

And I seriously forgot how to finish it!

So again, I get on youtube and try a tutorial. Nope, don’t get that one… or that one… or that one… or even the darn directions it came with! I attempted the directions and, well… fail. I’ve never been one to be able to follow directions well – I have to be shown and since there was no one around to show me, I, again, got very frustrated and said ‘Nope, no more. We will do more crafts next weekend.’

So this past weekend we sat down and made more of her amazing bracelets. They’re crafty, and its what we already know… and until I can find someone to help me start and lanyard keychain and finish a weaving loom project – we will stick to what we know!

I felt bad for not being able to start and finish two projects in one night, but after thinking about it {and the awesome reassurance from Bry}… you don’t have to complete a project to be able to craft. It’s about connecting and bringing family together and learning something along the way. And when Bry decided to do her bracelets this weekend instead of something new I was okay with that. We had our quality time together and we actually got something done!

I hope you all are keeping up on your crafting this month. And if any of you know how to start a lanyard or finish the loom – let me know!

Also, remember that if you comment on any post tagged “Nation Craft Month”, that will put you in the drawing for our NCM prize – a gift basket packed with awesome crafty goodies for kids!

Comment away and Happy Crafting!


|Wow, those are some big pot holders you got there!|

8 Mar

This past Sunday one of Bry’s friends came over so I could show her how to use a sewing machine and in the process, create something she could take home to be proud of.

I had picked up this amazing fabric from my dear friends at Picking Daisies. It is a super cool retro pattern that I fell in love with and immediately decided would be perfect to create some pot holders out of – a simple thing to create for a first time learner.

Savanna had never used a sewing machine before so after cutting the fabric for the pot holders, I showed her how to set up everything and then I had her do it all over again. From plugging it in to winding the bobbin to threading the machine and everything in between and beyond. Then I had her pin the fabric and batting pieces together and we got to gettin’ on the machine.

She started out, as any first timer would, with crooked seams to quilt the pot holder. But as she started getting more into the project, her seams got straighter and more even in between.

After the quilting part was finished, we took a break. Haha – all that teaching a sewing made us hungry! So we went to Sylvester’s Burgers in Atascadero and the kids got a little silly.

After that lovely break, we got back and cut the pot holders to size and sewed around each edge. Next was putting the bias binding on. For this I cut 2″x 36″ of the same fabric used – this was just to finish off the edges. We used a zig zag stitching to make it more unique.

All in all, she did a good job. Savanna picked up on how to use the machine quite easily and her finished product was definitely something to be proud of.

Product and materials used:

  • Early Bird Toasters Fabric by Cosmo Cricket
  • {2} 10″x10″ of Early Bird
  • {2} 10″x10″ of super muslin
  • {2} 2″x36″ Early Bird for bias binding
  • {6} 10″x10″ organic cotton batting
  • Coordinating light blue thread
  • Rotary cutter
  • Measuring tape


Layering the fabric and batting: {1} super muslin, {3} batting pieces, {1} early bird – pin around edges

Repeat for second pot holder

Quilt the pieces in any pattern you want. {Horizontal to pattern, vertical to pattern, or diagonal to make a diamond pattern}

Eat a delicious side salad and fries from Sylvester’s Burgers

Cut pot holder to size

Sew around edges, 1/4″ from edge

Pin bias on and make a straight seam around bias

Option: Use my favorite stitching {zig zag} to finish edges on bias and make your pot holder unique. Or don’t and be boring! {Just kidding!}


I had a lot of fun helping Savanna create this and can’t wait to make more things with her. Because I cut the fabric so big {got measurements from a couple online tutorials}, we ended up with GINORMOUS pot holders! Lol. Thank goodness her dad has big hands! Haha.

Breana & I encourage you to be a mentor and spread the crafting fever. If you know someone who mentors, teaches, holds workshops, etc, let us know so we can get the word out. help celebrate National Craft Month!


Arts & Crafts Events

8 Mar

Here you will find links to and information on local {San Luis Obispo County} arts & crafts happenings so you can get to being sew crafty.

  • First thing to mention is an amazing Swap – O – Rama – Rama happening this Saturday at The Art Center in SLO. This event is in benefit for the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art and is happening between 1-6. Tickets are $5 pre-sale, $10 at the door and any size bag of clean, unwanted clothing. You will be participating in one of the largest clothes swap and do-it-yourself sewing and crafting workshops – focusing on being more green with what you already have or acquire! You can call 805.543.8562 for tickets. For more information contact jennifer at 619.807.7006 or Visit the Swap-O-Rama-Rama website too!
  • Beverly’s is a great crafting store and they are always offering workshops, classes, etc. for anyone from little kid size, to big adult size; beginners to advance! Check out the San Luis Obispo store website for classes and times and join in on their fun – you could walk away with something made by you and have a ton of fun doing it!
  • Sew Fun is a local find in Atascadero and they offer a lot of classes weekly and another bonus…. they have purchased several machines for their classes so bringing your own is not necessary! Check out what they have going on this month and for the entire year!
  • The Quiter’s Cupboard in Atascadero has awesome classes for the quilting & sewing kind alike. They have classes from duffle bag making to hand embroidery offered all this month through April in celebration of National Craft Month! Don’t miss a class!
  • For the Arts & Crafty person, The SLO Tribune has a wonderful lineup this month. Check out their calendar of events to see what workshop or event piques your interest… don’t be afraid to branch out too! Remember, it’s National Craft Month – you have a reason to step outside the box and maybe put yourself into a circle instead!

If you know of any more happening this month, please shoot us an email! sewbastediwannapurl {at} gmail {dot} com. We would definitely appreciate it!

Happy Crafting!

~Ashley & Breana

National Craft Month

28 Feb

Hey! Did you all know? March is National Craft Month! Now is your chance to showcase your crafty skills and challenge yourself to do something crafty every day in March. Or you could pass along your knowledge to someone else and spread the craft fever. ‘But I haven’t ever been the crafty type!’ you say? Well, that’s no excuse! Breana & I will give you plenty of ideas to kick start that crafty little devil inside you just waiting to burst out. There are lots of positives to being or becoming a crafter – bring your family together, enhance, sharpen, or learn new skills, and hey… it’s also a stress reducer! NOW WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? GET TO CRAFTING!

Things to look for this month on our blog:

  • Weekly featured craft project done by Ashley and her daughter Bry
  • Craft ideas and on-going D.I.Y. projects for Breana’s upcoming wedding fit for any bride
  • Ashley will be extending her sewing skills to a lovely little lady and will give tips on how you can also be a craft mentor
  • Links to our favorite craft blogs along with videos on crafting and tutorials
  • Local crafting events through out the month
  • Fun ideas to get you prepared for Easter including creating your own Easter baskets, egg decorating and more!
  • Sneak peek at a new craft project Ashley is working on that will be completed by the end of March
  • Featured craft night with Breana, Ashley & friends



Yes, that’s right folks, you read that right. A giveaway! No, this isn’t a ‘Freebie Friday’ thing – this is a special giveaway in celebration of National Craft Month. All you have to do is comment on any post tagged “National Craft Month’. You can comment up to one time on each NCM post and at the end of the month one winner will be chosen and announced on the second day of April. ‘Why not the first of April?’ and ‘What is the prize??’ you ask? Well, not the first because we do not want anyone to feel like they will be tricked since April 1 is, of course, April Fools Day. And the prize is pretty darn cool…. a gift basket packed with lots of crafting goodies for kids!

Also, we would love to hear your feedback, suggestions, see crafting photos, tutorials, and how you’re celebrating National Craft Month. Simply email us at: sewbastediwannapurl {at} gmail {dot} com. We encourage craftiness and would love to feature your ideas, pictures, and more on our blog!

Happy Crafting Everyone!

~Breana & Ashley