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Update: Cards, Button, Shop, Etc.

18 Sep

Hey Y’allllll,

So I’ve been attempting to stay somewhat proactive, while working & trying to get some product up for my new shop (Oh, plus study for cosmetology, search for a salon job, and plan a trip to Europe.) I have to say, not too shabby yet. Ha.


Here is my to come business card. Working on the headbands I’ve created, I’ve been getting tons of compliments whenever I (constantly) wear mine. I could just say “Ohh yeah check out my blog for more information” but it can be oh so forgotten. Plus I’m sick of the sloppiness of writing my URL on a post it note.

Also working on some minicard samples form for my items that I sell on etsy. In fact, if you’re interested you can get 100 mini cards for free from them! They do have a little Etsy & Moo symbol on them, but hey, FREE! And just something I’m thinking about.

(Actually if you just google “Free Moo Cards” there’s a few things to choose from. Including..Facebook cards? Yeah I’m not sure either. Looks like they are currently doing 25% off as well.

Anyways, I did snag my business cards from since I’m on a small budget currently. They have been shipped (YAY!) and I still have a list of things to do. Hopefully sometime October the shop will be open, trust me I’ll keep everyone in the loop.

Until the shop is up, you can support by blog with this dandy button:


Yeah, it’s not the cooooolest quite, but it gets the point through, and it’s cute. Notice a theme with the picture? I’m just a tad too proud since I actually set up a lightbox area and took my own pictures. look at that, getting all snazzy like. So if you want, feel free to link this little button on your blog. I’m am also down to trading buttons. Just shoot me an email.

Happy Crafting!



Hopeful New Product

13 Sep

So I’ve been working on my etsy site and have created the first possible product for it:


Sugar skull headband! This one is based off the Sublime Stitching pattern I recently got but it’s all hand done! I’m in love with it. Apparently so are tons of my friends and strangers I’ve ran into. If not this exact pattern, I’ll have a similar item up. I plan to make these in headbands, clips, and pins!

Keep your eye out for my new shop and some fun new product!

Happy Crafting!

Embroidery Floss Storage

11 Sep

When I’m mid project (like, I will literally stop in the middle of a row and grab my laptop) I like to seach random things. Today it is craft storage. Specifically all my embroidery floss I have collected (quite quickly at that.)

When I saw this, I knew I had to do this! So I started on my search for some sweet clothes pins. I went to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 stores. Yep, five, and could not find them. I search craft stores, grocery stores, even the dollar tree. Why must these buggers hide from me? I could order them online, but look at me, I’m lazy. So I thought, FINE I’ll give in. I’ll use the simple cardboard bobbins by DMC to store my floss.

Then, it came to me. I have tons of scrapbooking paper from my wedding. I could make my own! So I’ll show you how to do it as well.

Whatcha Need:

  • Sweet thick paper – Cardstock, cardboard, whatever you want. (you could just get some cardstock or cardboard and decorate them yourself with neat stamps! Or even paint them some sweet colors.)
  • Cutting Impliment. Perhaps an exacto knife (Like I used) or scissors? Some kind of fancy piece of work?
  • Optional: Cardboard DMC embroidery cardboard bobbins
  • Optional: Glue – I just used a glue stick.

Whatcha Do:

1. Trace the bobbin (or use the cardboard piece you popped them out of as a stencil) and cut out the new bobbin. For the slits that hold the thread I just place the cardboard on top and cut them in the same places.

Then wrap the thread around and write the number on the back. Fancy, aye. If you want or need more stability, you can follow the next couple extra steps.

2. Glue the new bobbin to the old…Yeah, seriously, that easy. I just used a glue stick, glued them together, and did a tiny bit of clean up.

There you go! Quick, cute, and rather inexpensive to update your embroidery collection. If you want them to have more personality, feel free to make your own stencil. maybe a fancier top and bottom? Maybe just stamps on cardboard that has a great shabby chic look.

Show off yours!



Work In Progress.

5 Sep

Let’s go over a few things on my needles.

These are my Beer Gloves (by Kurt Fausset) that I started about, oh, 2 years ago. We went on a mini road trip to Seattle and I decided to finally get working on them!

This is the 2nd. glove. I’m actually almost done with this one as well. I have 2.5 fingers left, 1 finger on the other glove to fix the bind off, and lots of yarn to weave in…By the way, does anyone have any weaving in tips? That when I get the laziest and seem to not care too much at all.

Source: via Mary on Pinterest

The next have been hanging out on my needles a bit too long. The Modern Garden Cardigan by Veera Välimäki. I LOVE this cardigan. I need to finish this cardigan! I am to the part before the arms get added on. i need to get to knitting those! of course on my 5’1″ frame, it looks pretty long.

For this guy I used some Loops & Threads Charisma yarn. I actually am a pretty big fan for feel and drape. However, it does seem a bit heavy, and I know this thing will frizz and pile. Good thing this thing is a pretty quick knit. I know next time I make it, I’m going to use better yarn (duh) and take out some repeats in the leaf motif so I can have it a bit shorter.

I know after I finish and wear this to work all the girls are gonna want one! I better start setting up knitting classes at my house so they can make their own. I need to get back to knitting these things. I have a few things in my WIP piles that also want to be finished.

Happy Crafting!


Guest Post on Little Willow Tree blog!

5 Sep

Hey Y’all,

Wanted to step in real quick to tell you that I have a fun Guest Post on Ashley’s blog Little Willow Tree!

The Little Willow Tree

 So go check out a fun post for a beginners guide to starting knitting. A quick, what to get and where to start post.