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14 Mar

Just wanted to give you a little update. I have obviously lacked on this blog. I feel disappointed it’s gone as long as it has, and sadden I haven’t kept up. I have been brainstorming a little and want to get back in crafting blogging. During winter I haven’t knitted as much as I planned..meaning…barely at all. I have numerous Works In Progress right now. Two of them being very important to me since family & pretty much family are having babies! yay! 

So I wanted to let you all know… are.. That I will be continuing on with this blog and create a lovely update post as well. While you wait for that, please hop over to Ashley’s blog: Also, don’t forget to check out her awesome etsy: Little Willow Tree.

I will be hoping to work on my Baby Etsy Shop I’ve been dreaming of doing for a while as well. So keep your eye out for those updates!