October already!?

6 Oct

Wow time flies when you’re working retail! Yes I am alive, just quite busy lately with work and life. I apologize for being so MIA, and yes, I feel awful. This blog has been on my mind about everyday, and everyday I haven’t had much new things to post/show/share, and this saddens me. Some is for personal reasons, and some is really just lack of time. I am really going to work more on this! I’m hoping this chilly weather will inspire me more to knit up some new designs. For the first time I’m looking into making some lovely cowls for my etsy store.

So unfortunately I don’t have much to tell you except my newest listing on my etsy! I have the Slouchy Beanie with a Twist:


Don’t you love spontaeous photo opts. I’m hoping to get some ¬†lovelier pictures soon!

Oh hello little mini mock cables! How are you? I love these guys, gives a little umph to the brim. The best part? They are actually alternating cables. Had to give myself bit of a challange!


This beanie is quite warm even though it’s not very thick. It’s a fun single strand knitted cap with double ribs for extra stretch. I’m pretty stoked on this beanie, and can’t wait to make a few more! Along with this guy I have a few other beanies for the family if you wanna check it out! So that’s my little update today, and hope to do a couple more tutorials, and of course I haven’t forgotten the last part of Gauge. I still have to teach y’all how to create a pattern!

Happy Fall!



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