Offbeat Bride

17 Aug

Bre here with some exciting news! Obviously you all know I was wed this past June. I seeked the site of Offbeat Bride for advice, and inspiration during the planning stages of my wedding. I would sit and stare at the beautiful dresses, awesome party favors and the “HOW THE EFF DID THEY DO THAT?!? cakes. I would day dream of the day my photos would be on this site. I kinda doubted it would happen, or if it did, it’d be year later or something. But I decided to submit it anyways! I thought, why the hell not!? Let’s get this going.

That was when last week, I got an email from an Offbeat Bride intern, stating that my wedding will be featured this coming week. I was shocked. What? You mean, my nuptials were worthy of Offbeat Bride? I smiled, I bragged a little, and I sent the email to my beloved photogragher (Richard Fusillo of course) who was also excited to have his photography on the blog.

Well, today is the day! My Hubs & My wedding is featured on Offbeat bride: Follow this link to see the awesomeness! I am so excited to share my DIY wedding with the world.

Along with this being posted on the Offbeat Bride site, I noticed something as I posted pictures on the “Tribe” (which is like a community of offbeat brides to be.) I noticed a theme in the comments, people really seemed to like my veil! Well, guess what you will be seeing next Tuesday! That’s right, a tutorial to make your very own mini veil! Ha! Aren’t you excited! Well til then, hope you enjoy my wedding as much as I did!




2 Responses to “Offbeat Bride”

  1. Erin August 17, 2011 at 2:17 pm #

    How cool! I read her book before I got married 🙂

  2. lorraine August 19, 2011 at 10:40 am #

    exciting! i totally have wedding envy! your wedding looked like so much fun

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