Thrifty Crafts

11 Aug

So, if you are anywhere close to my predicament, you are poor living in a new city and (mostly) unemployed. Oh the sadness. However, this has somewhat put me back in crafting mode because 1. I have way too much time on my hands and 2. I’m always planning to create some new things to sell in my Etsy! (Which, BTW I have relisted a few items, and working on some more to put on there now!)

The sad part is I don’t really have the income to buy the supplies I need/want. This is where thrift stores come in. Most people reading this blog are most likely going “WHOO THRIFT STORES ARE AWESOME! SO HIP.” That’s just how most crafters seem to think, which is good! For the few of you that are like “Eww, gross.” They invented lysol & febreeze for a reason people.

I thought I’d expand on a bit of what I got at my local thrift store finds:

about a total of 10 skeins of yarn for $5.oo  (one bag was $2.00 and the other was $3.00).  The Pro: Various colors. Various bulks, enough to make a smaller projects & cheap. The con: Most of them are not labeled or full skeins.

3 patterns for $0.10 each. The Pro: Dude they are 10 cents. The Cons: Already cut, certain styles & size. May be missing some pieces and many out of style outfits. I’m gonna use them mostly for inspiration.

Along with this, they have many fabric scraps & remnants. Plus you could always go through the clothes and reconstruct or tailor them.

Not only that, but the store also have a couple older sewing machines or $25 & $35 dollars. I would love to get one for a backup machine (since mine may need repair at the moment) but, atlas, I just can’t spare that much money at this time.

So before you go to your crafty store, go run by a few thrift stores and see what they have. You may be surprised. Tell us about your thrift store finds!

Happy Thrifting,



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