|Falling Behind on What I love to Do|

31 Jul

These past several months have been very trying for me as I have been so busy trying to balance being a mother, full time nanny, baby sitter, Kidz Club employee, and run an Etsy shop. I’m sitting at work actually typing this right now because I am much too tired by the time I get home during the week to even blog an apology on why I can’t give you guys a tutorial for our Tutorial Tuesdays. While here, I started to browse through our older posts from when our blog first started and I got a little sad. I realized that I used to blog so much more about what I was doing sewing or craft-wise and it made me miss actually doing that. I’ve sewn a lot, but my mind has been so clouded with the stress of my job to even take pictures while I am doing it.

The whole purpose of our job was to share our sewing, knitting, and crafting adventures with all of you and provide useful information on what is happening in our area and favorite blogs we lurk. We wanted what we do and what others do to be shared and have an equal balance in the postings, but both Breana & I haven’t lived up to that. Thankfully we haven’t had any complaints, and we appreciate that; the fans and followers have been great!

Recently I was able to land a job Ive been craving for about a year now; Birch Fabrics, which is where I visit mostly to get the fabric I use for my product. It is probably the most amazing opportunity Ive been given work-wise because it is in the realm of what I love to do. So soon, very soon, I will have a lot more free time to be able to give our readers what we have promised. Soon there will be an equal balance of what we love to do and sharing others passions, too, in the craft, sew, knit world we live in.

Thank you for your patience and for sticking with us.

Happy Crafting!



One Response to “|Falling Behind on What I love to Do|”

  1. Johanna July 31, 2011 at 1:18 pm #

    You’ll get to your goals – even if it’s not in the time frame you imagined! For now, you have the awesome privilege of being a mom. Go enjoy some summer fun with them, for the season is short.
    Thanks for your encouraging words.

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