Finished: Nautical Baby Vest!

21 Jul

My dear friend Arleen had a baby shower in July, the week before my wedding. Months before she said she’d love something knitted for her coming baby boy, and I said I’d try. I’m aweful with actually finishing projects, not quite sure why. For friends and family who actually receive my knitted gifts, feel special, haha.

Well I really wanted to keep this promise. The fact that I’m not really employed right now should allow me more time to do so. I search and search through Ravelry for a basic vest pattern I could use, preferably free since I’m just using it mostly as a guide line. I’m sure I could’ve figured one out myself, but I don’t have a baby, don’t have many friends with babies, and overall, I just don’t really run into babies. Haha. So sizing is a complete mystery to me when it comes to sizing.

I settled on Baby Argyle Vest and Hat by Jenny Harrell. For yarn, since sadly I am not extremely wealth at this time of life, I picked up some Bernat Satin Solids acrylic yarn. Atleast it’ll be easy to clean, and is totally vegan! Aye? I was really impressed with how soft it was, an easy to knit up. I was quite pleased with that.

Well I started to knit that sucker up. It took me about 3-4 days to finish it. I think most average knitters could finish it in 1-2 days, but I’m just slow, for some unexplained reason. It may be how easily distracted I become? Sadly, the double pointed needles created ladders that I attempted to seam up a bit. Plus I picked up too many stitches in the neckline too. But overall I was pretty proud of myself.

 So adorable, right? If you look closely to the left shoulder (right side of picture) There’s a little button whole, so you don’t have to worry about squeezing those cute fat heads through the whole. hehe.

Funny thing, I’m actually using the quilt Arleen made me as a background for these pictures.

And if you look closely that button has a little anchor on it as well. Swoon!

Last but not least, my personal little touch. I keep talking about wanting to knit and sale baby items on etsy, got a shop and all. I’ve made a beanie for a friend (that didn’t quite fit the little one’s adorable noggin) and that was the first Shnookum’s item. However, this is the first “official” Shnookum’s item, with a hand-stamped, sewn in label and all!

So even though we are waiting for Arleen to pop any moment, I made the vest in a size between 3-6 months. That way it’ll be great for fall/winter. I can not wait to see little Dylan in pictures wearing this vest!

I would recommend this pattern to others. It was really easy to follow, and a rather quick knit.

Happy Knitting!



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