Etsy Seller Review

18 Jul

January 1st, 2011 my now husband surprised me with a beautiful hand crafted Moissanite tension set titanium ring. The ring selection didn’t surprise me too much though. He paid close attention to the, ahem, subtle emails I sent him with pictures & links to the ring on etsy.

I remember when I first stumbled across ZoeAndDoyle‘s Etsy shop.  They had a ring featured on the front page, and my jaw dropped. This thing was so awesome looking. The price wasn’t too bad either. I knew I had to have it for my engagement ring.

Caleb tells me he purchased the ring in November and received it in December. He didn’t have any issues with wait time or anything else. Well that’s great to know.

Of course along with that first email, I sent him other emails of another ring by the same shop that I loved. It was the same idea, but brushed coating, and cut-outs/grooves next to the stone. Trust me, so dreamy. Well since these rings were so well priced, and most engagement rings cost atleast double, if not triple of mine, I was allowed to get another one. Now please understand, I’m not a (complete) spoiled brat. The first ring he got me was a little on the snug side. I wanted a ring that fit more properly for when my fingers swell in the summer (and whenever I become pregnant one day.) Well I found a design that  Caleb loved for our wedding bands. It went well with my other favorite tension ring. We decided to get Buffalo engraved in his band and Buffalo Gal engraved in mine. These are cheesy nicknames we gave each other in the beginning of our relationship.

Now, as a warning, some of their feedback isn’t positive. Now, as a relief, majority of the complaints have nothing to do with quality of the rings. It has to do with time frames. This did slightly scare me since we needed the rings before we left to California.

I convo’d the Jeremiah (shop owner) and told him what I wanted and how I had to have it before June 10th. I will say I didn’t always get an immediate response, which some expect. However, it never took more than 2 messages to get his attention. He was always helpful and polite in every exchange. He agreed upon the terms, and we bought the rings. The previous negative feedbacks did make me nervous.

Well after impatiently waiting a few weeks, the rings arrived. I received them June 9th in an Express Envelope. I was so pleased! The rings are beautiful! The engravings are perfect! My wedding band is only 3MM, and you can still read Buffalo Gal clearly. You can see how much time and detail are put into these beautiful rings.

Currently there are not tons of available items in the shop, but don’t hesitate to convo them and ask if it’s possible to make something.  I believe the reason for delayed orders is explained rather clearly in the shop description:

“Please keep in mind that I am solely responsible for all correspondence, shipping, and fabrication of the rings, so I appreciate your patience with any slow communication. I read every message everyday but may not be able to respond immediately. Thank you for your understanding. “

What seems to happen in the past, is the shop gets very popular and overwhelmed with orders before he can say “Sorry I can no longer take anymore orders.”

I can say I would recommend this shop to others, which I have.  And I would definitely shop there again.




3 Responses to “Etsy Seller Review”

  1. Richard Berelson September 24, 2012 at 11:22 am #

    Thanks for the ‘real’ buyer feedback with really useful photo of a ring actually on your finger! You may know that ZoeAndDoyle have now become Hersteller on Etsy. I fell in love with the ring in your first picture and wanted it for our engagement. The mixed reviews are still there, only for delivery issues as you say, so I was a bit nervous but took the plunge last week. Do you by any chance have a photo of the first ring on your finger. You’ll know that buying online is a nightmare and it’d be so helpful to see it ‘for real’. I mean, I love the style and I know we won’t be disappointed but, hell, I have a wait before it arrives and I want to see some more!

    • sewbastediwannapurl October 3, 2012 at 4:16 pm #

      Hey Richard. Thanks for your feedback! I have one picture of the original ring on my finger, available on my older personal blog here: Hope this gets you even more stoked!

      • Richard October 13, 2012 at 6:33 pm #

        Thanks so much for the link. Love the look of it on your hand – it really does help to see it there. Theresa is due to ship the ring in the next few days . it feels like forever! and now I have a new picture to look at in the meantime. I never knew I could get so excited over such a thing!

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