14 Jul

As a beginner still in sewing I have made a few mistakes. Especially when I cut. Sometimes I dont pay attention to the way the pattern is going on the fabric or I misjudge the size it should be cut at. Which leaves me with a lot of scraps. Since Im not a super crafty person {though I am finding that a lot of what I have done lately is more craft than sewing} its hard for me to look at a scrap of fabric and know what to do with it.

But tonight I was wrapping a box and since I don’t have wrapping paper {waste of money! and trees} I decided to use a piece of scrap fabric of Sherbert Pips Girl on a Swing for Moda in Vanilla.

Isn’t it darling? I’m using this fabric to attempt to make a wallet for myself – not happening so far.

Anyway, I wanted to share a way you could use your scraps in a new way with just a few simple steps.

I took my piece of scrap and wrapped it wound the box, making sure that the box would not be exposed at all. If your scrap is too big, cut it to size like you would with normal wrapping paper.

Next I took some thread and a needle in a natural color and sewed up the edges you would normally tape if you used wrapping paper. I just made a few hand stitches; enough to keep it together, but not too much that the person receiving the gift wouldnt be able to open it.

I took some twine and cut it to size {like you would a ribbon} and tied it around the fabric scrap wrapped box.


Something unique and creative to give your friend or family member before they even open it!

Happy Crafting!



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