|Work in Progress Wednesday|

13 Jul

For this weeks installment of ‘Work in Progress’ I am going to show you a little personal project I’ve been working on. One part is completed and the others are in the process of.

I love to cook. I don’t get to do it very often because of work and my late hours, but I love it. As soon as I find something with less hours and closer to home, cooking every night for my family is a goal of mine. Richard has this awesome vegetarian cookbook we have been meaning to try out, but it’s kinda impossible since I’m never there; once I’m home more, I am busting that thing out and givin it a whirl. Also, lately, I’m on this vintage kick. Not so much as the way I dress, but more in accessories and decor. When I’m in the kitchen, vintage doesn’t fall short there. While browsing in Beverlys for more things I dont need but continuously want, I found this rad vintage kitchen fabric. The fabric is Domestic Diva by Emily Taylor for Riley Blake Designs.

Kinda rad, huh?

One of the accent colors is a real muted, incredibly vintage mint green color and lucky me, I found a solid pretty much identical to the green. I knew right then and there that I was going to make a vintage inspired, ruffled, half apron with matching pot holders and napkins. So far the apron is completed and will featured in next weeks installment of ‘Tutorial Tuesday’.

I would like to thank my lovely model Betty {yes, I named my body form Betty} for adorning this for me.

I am making two pot holders and four napkins. All the cuts are made, but a trip to the thrift store for some wash cloths or towels needs to happen before I can finish them. They will act as the heat protectant instead of batting to give it more of a vintage kitchen feel. I plan on using the Domestic Diva in Cream as the main fabric for one side of the pot holders, a towel on the other, bias taped in cream with an accent of that vintagey mint green in a strip across the front. For the napkins they will be both the Domestic Diva and the mint green solid. I’m kinda excited about this project and can’t wait to actually have the time to put them to use!

Check back next week for the tutorial on the apron and to see the finished pot holders and napkins creation.

Happy Crafting!



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