|Breana & Calebs D.I.Y. Crafty Wedding|

30 Jun

June 25th 2011 was an amazing day… co-blogger Breana got hitched! A lot of prep went into pulling the day together and I am super proud of all us girls that helped – even Breana created the most amazing accessories for herself. I love when a bride gets totally D.I.Y. for the big day. It saves money, vendor hassles, can potentially be more eco-friendly, and brings you and your wedding party closer together – you feel more connected and involved on your big day.

I was asked to make origami flowers and oh I did. I even recruited a friend to help out. I ordered some music sheets from Love To Fly on Etsy, cut them to size, looked at the tutorial, and created beautiful paper flowers. My friend got silver origami sheets and did the same thing. Oh, man, let me tell you – glue dots… best friend in origami!

Aside from the gazillion origami flowers the D.I.Y. process resulted in handmade cd ‘mixtape’ covers, cupcake sleeves & toppers, centerpieces, garter, headpiece, veil, bouquet, and more. With a music wedding theme based around the colors white, black, red, and silver the outcome was seriously jammin. Heres a looksie at what a group of people pulled together for the girl {and guy} we all love – Breana & Caleb Whittington! {As well as some lovely photos from the wedding itself}


Gorgeous bride, handsome groom, and yes thats Elvis – the officiant. He was funny!

What a beautiful, handmade veil! Handmade by the bride herself. Crafty & clever.



One of the awesome cupcake toppers that mimics the wedding invites!

Carrot cake cupcake – delicious

Ok, I literally looked at this photo just now and am getting teary eyed. Our whole table was a crying mess about this time. First dance.

Handmade headpiece by Breana for the reception

Cupcake sleeves and clever wristbands for the guests. I got silver – 21 and over baby, bring on the beer! Red were for the little ‘uns who couldn’t drink – boohoo!

Beautiful handmade origami flower bouquet by the bride herself!

Close up of one of the flowers on the bouquet

‘Mixtape’ with handcrafted case and adorned with guitar pics imprinted with the bride & grooms name & date of ceremony. So clever & cute. And, by the way, I put this mixtape in and no – there isn’t sad music on it – but I sure cried like a baby! I’m so happy for them.

The bride, Breana, fellow co-blogger, & I! Eeeep!

I am so happy for Breana & Caleb and though I miss them dearly, I hope Portland treats them well and they start their new married life {sheesh, tears are rolling now} together in a perfect place.

Also, ahem, Bre… now you must blog your personal D.I.Y. crafty wedding experience as soon as you get back from HAWAII!

Congratulations Breana & Caleb Whittington {tears, still rolling}!

Happy Wedding Crafting!



5 Responses to “|Breana & Calebs D.I.Y. Crafty Wedding|”

  1. mizladytaz June 30, 2011 at 11:56 am #

    :0) Awesome write-up, Ashley!

  2. kay June 30, 2011 at 3:16 pm #

    Great blog post! Love the pictures of Breana’s wedding – you got some great shots. I’m happy for Breana and Caleb. 🙂

  3. Katie August 5, 2011 at 1:41 am #

    Such a cool wedding, I love the invitation design, and the mixtape idea is sweeeeeeeet! Congratulationssss!
    p.s.s.s.s.s.t.t.t.t…..How did you get your nails like that, they’re like black and white honeycomb! 🙂
    Katie. xxx

    • sewbastediwannapurl August 5, 2011 at 3:15 pm #

      I used the Sally Hansen appliques! So goooood! Thanks for the comments! ~Ashley


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