|Work in Progress Wednesday|

29 Jun



So for this installment of Work in Progress Wednesday I will be telling you about a three week project.

Recently Ive been trying to find a use for some adorable fabric I picked up from the Japanese import collection of Magumi Sakikibara at Birch a while ago that I had an abundance of. The pattern was sporadic and wouldn’t make sense for the type of product I create so I decided to make an accent pillow out of it.

The pillow part was easy. Heck, the whole thing would have been easy. Except…. All I had was cotton batting. And that doesn’t really work well when you’re stuffing a pillow. And I should know that, but I tried it anyway, cutting up the batting into little, unusable pieces which now I have no use for. What a waste of $3.99. So when I had a quick minute, I headed into Beverlys and bought some actual polyfill – you know, the kind of material you’re supposed to use to stuff a pillow with.

All I need to do now is stitch up the part where I stuffed it and tah dah! Accent pillow three weeks in the making! Not sure what to do with this one. Maybe Freebie Friday, maybe a contest, maybe sell it on Etsy? Who knows? Tell me, what do you want me to do with it?


2 Responses to “|Work in Progress Wednesday|”

  1. Richard Fusillo June 29, 2011 at 5:01 pm #

    I’d say keep it so we can show it off at the house but I can’t wait for the fabric we found to become a pillow! Now that is going to be bad ass.


  1. |Finished Product & Freebie Friday Mashup| « Sew Basted I Wanna Purl | Yarn Vomit Anyone? - July 1, 2011

    […] For a bit now Ive been working on an accent pillow. It really should have taken me 20 minutes tops, but because I retardedly used cotton batting (please don’t ask me why, I do not have a good answer) instead of polyfill, I had to wait till I had time and a thought to grab polyfill so I could stuff it and finish. The pillow was featured in this weeks installment of Work in Progress Wednesday. […]

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