|I’ve Never Folded so Much Paper in My Life|

20 Jun

With Breana’s wedding nearing, finishing these origami flowers are imperative, so I sat down to get the last few petals attached. After completing several, folding more paper for the few mini ones, and gluing – I ran out of glue dots. {Which, by the way, are amazing and completely worth purchasing over using regular old craft glue in this situation!} I won’t be able to finish the rest till Wednesday {I’d do them tomorrow, but its Breana’s bachelorette party, wooooooo!} so I put them down and started on another origami project.

I’ve been wanting to try and master a few things I failed on at the origami party we had at Breana’s house a few months ago. I purchased this origami paper pack at San Luis Art Supply last month and to my surprise, when I opened the pack, there were instructions on how to make some of the things I couldn’t master that first time.

I decided to start in the back {advanced} and work my way to the front {beginner}. I started with a box, then on to a wishing star, next a fortune cookie, then a swan, and last an airplane. For some reason, I pretty much got them all, even the advanced and intermediate ones, on the first try!

After seeing how neat they looked, I got out my fancy origami paper and did my favorite ones one more time.

Now, I am incredibly addicted and am going to look up how to make the owl I made before, but came out so crappy I wasn’t even proud. Who wants to have an origami craft night? I’m serious. That owl will be made.

Happy Crafting!



One Response to “|I’ve Never Folded so Much Paper in My Life|”

  1. Joe June 26, 2011 at 11:13 am #

    That owl looks like the mother of all owls. Just one look at it, and you feel you should not mess with this hooting avian, for surely it must have the power to command an entire fleet of owls at the flap of its wing or the snap of its beak… Furthering the motherly aspect, Its wings are cleverly folded inward in such a way as to suggest a maternal being. That origami paper seriously looks like orange peel. I would be additionally impressed tenfold if you used a real orange peel to make that… pun intended. 😉

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