|Featured Etsy Seller of the Month: May|

16 Jun

This month I decided to feature a rad shop that consists of one of my long time ago friends Jasmine and her friend Danielle – JazzyDans Diapers. I chose this shop because these girls do really rad work, do custom orders, and are very sweet – plus, sometime in the near future I might actually need to make use of this shop….

I haven’t actually purchased anything from them and normally I don’t listen to feedback given, whether positive or negative, on Etsy because I feel it’s all too personalized and overly opinionated, but I trust that when we need to purchase some ultra rad cloth diapers from them we will get the quality and customer service expected. Plus, Jasmines one of my good friends…. That’s why I feel confident featuring this shop.

These two ladies will pretty much make you any cloth diaper design they can get their hands on. They have listings already in their shop, but you can make a special request and as soon as you do, the excitement of creating these cute little masterpieces to be adorned on the butt of your baby sets in and the girls get to work right away. If it’s a custom order you’re asking for, you will not be disappointed!

I had the pleasure of swinging by their booth at the Birth & Baby Fair in SLO last month and I am glad I did because I had been wanting to check out these awesome products that my eyes have only glanced upon in pictures online. Seeing them in person is much more satisfying than photos and the quality of work in impeccable. Their fun designs complete the product – who wouldn’t wanna put one of these on the bottom of their baby? I know we will.

Plus, really, these ladies are awesome. They’re resourceful and kind so it’s no wonder they’ve had 71 sales in only eight months with 100% feedback!

Aside from all that amazingness, another reason why I chose to feature this shop with these items is because I am very big on being green, eco-friendly, and supporting handmade. Imagine how much waste you can eliminate just by purchasing ONE cloth diaper from them?

Way to go ladies! Keep up the good work and soon enough I’ll be placing our first order. Can’t wait!

To check out more info on this shop and their policies, go here.


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JazzyDans Diapers get 5 baby bottoms up from me!

Happy Crafting and all things handmade!



2 Responses to “|Featured Etsy Seller of the Month: May|”

  1. Richard Fusillo June 7, 2011 at 4:07 pm #

    These Diapers rock, my girlfriend (well, you) showed me at the Birth & Baby fair and I can’t wait to have some of our own.

    • Jasmine House June 7, 2011 at 4:59 pm #

      This is such a great review Ashley! Thank you so much for the shout out!

      And Richard, it was a pleasure meeting you at the fair! I cant wait to make awesome nappies for you guys when you need them 🙂

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