|Quilt Shop Tour Run|

9 Jun

This past weekend I participated in the Quilt Shop Tour. The tour ran from Paso Robles down to Ventura and everywhere in between from Friday-Sunday. I’ve never done one of these before, but I thought it would be fun to see what it was all about, discover new shops, and take a little {and much needed} road trip. Oh, and maybe win a prize or two?

Friday I decided to hit The Quilt Attic, Sew Stitchin’, and Quiltin’ Cousins since I was in town anyway. I was working so I brought the baby with me. I hit The Quilt Attic first.

The basis of the tour is to visit the shops, check out their deals, maybe grab some fabric, get your tour pass {at the first shop} validated, get your ribbon and free downloadable quilt pattern specific to that shop, enter for their door prize, and move on to the next. I was able to get those three shops in and finish the day off three ribbons and stamps down, eight to go.

Saturday my daughter joined me on the run and we started in Santa Maria & Orcutt before heading down to Ventura. Since there were only three shops to visit that day for us, we made a day trip out of it, stopping in Santa Barbara for some shopping and bad Starbucks coffee and Ventura for Chuck E Cheeses. Those shops that day were Betty’s Fabrics in Santa Maria, Old Town Quilt Shop in Orcutt, and Quilt Ventura in Ventura. Ending the day more than halfway done, we plopped on the bean bag cushions at Kreuzberg, CA with our latte and hot chocolate playing Scrabble and listening to Emersons Eyes live.

Sunday we got up and my boyfriend Richard joined us on visiting the last five shops. Since we live in Atascadero and needed to be in SLO not till later, we started in our hometown knocking out Sew Fun and Quilter’s Cupboard, where I found three amazing fabrics in fat quarters! Then we headed to Paso Robles and hit The Quiltery, Morro Bay for The Cotton Ball, and ended the tour in SLO at Betty’s Fabrics where I turned in my Tour Pass.

The run ended up being more fun than I had pictured. I definitely discovered some amazing shops – some right in my own backyard! One of my favorite shops discovered was The Cotton Ball in Morro Bay. Their shop is super quaint, they have amazing displays of work, tons of information, and grrrreat fabric! I never knew how bad people were into the tour until I walked out of The Quiltery and saw all the ribbons tied on some lady’s license plate frame! I also saw some ladies with them tied on their purses – that’s gonna be me next year! My daughter wanted to tie all her ribbons to the awesome covered wagon lunchbox I picked up at Old Town Quilt Shop in Orcutt and keep all the quilt patterns and purchases I made in it. She was such a little helper and excited about the tour almost as much as me. So was Richard! On Sunday, he would look at the fabric and go ‘Oooooo, I know what you could make with this!’ He even entered at the shops for the door prize!

I wish I had asked all the shops if they had a list of classes they offer that I could take with me so I could give you all that information, but I will follow their websites closely and see if they post annoying. Next year I am definitely going to gather more information from each of them to share with you. I will definitely be more into next time and a little more seasoned for the tour.

Unsure when/how they announce the winners for the door prizes and grand prizes, but I haven’t heard anything yet so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. 50 yards of fabric is lookin pretty good right now!

Leave me a comment letting me know if participated as well and what your experience was like! Was it your first time? Have you been doing it for years? I’d love to hear what you all have to say.

Happy Quilting!



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