|Necklace Show|

3 Jun

My daughter was in a bracelet show not too long ago at Baxter Moerman and had success; all five of her submitted bracelets sold that night! So when they asked her if she would be willing to be in their necklace show, she jumped all over that opportunity.

Her mission: to create wearable necklaces the same way she creates bracelets – braided fabric. The tricky part was coming up with hardware to put on them so they would be wearable and not cumbersome. I decided to google ‘how to put hardware on a fabric necklace’ and the search came up with a site that showcased how to make ribbon necklaces – using ribbon clamps. I went right down to Beverly’s and purchased some, came home, put them on and viola! Amazing necklaces created by Bry.

{Photos by Richard Fusillo}

The pendants on either end feature photos from Richard Fusillo, the two on either side next to Richards photos were hand drawn by myself, and the one in the middle was hand drawn by Bry herself.

The necklace show is at Baxter Moerman for Art After Dark tonight. If you get a chance, swing by and check out hers, and everyone elses, necklaces. I have to say, in a completely non-biased way, that Bry’s necklaces are pretty bad ass. Serious. Go check ’em out. The opening for the show is between 6-9ish pm. They will be on display for a few weeks for your viewing {and purchasing?? hehe}.

Baxter Moerman

1118 Morro Street SLO

Happy Crafting!



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