|Finished Project Friday|

27 May

I really haven’t been able to create much of anything new since I’ve been working overtime lately and fulfilling orders for my friend’s shop San Luis Art Supply. I’ve definitely stayed busy sewing, but nothing new. Until Wednesday….

I was going to do a ‘Work in Progress Wednesday’ post on this, but I actually finished them that night! So I am glad Breana was able to fill that void as far as that installment goes.

Now, I drink a lot of coffee. I cannot go a day with out it or I will go through withdraws. Migraines, irritableness, emo-tion-al as all heck. Before I decided to cut caffeine from my diet, I would drink the coffee at work so the need for disposable coffee cups were unnecessary, but since then I’ve been forced to go out and get decaf at my favorite place in the Five Cities – Cafe Andreini. What I love about them is all the disposable products they have are 100% recyclable. I am a nut about that stuff so I love to support it, but even so; recyclable or not, it’d be great to cut out as much waste as possible even from the recycling bin. So with that I decided to make coffee cup sleeves.

I found a basic tutorial online, went over it, threw it out, did one of my own, and created a masterpiece. I am actually quite proud of these little beauties. I did have to go out to Starbucks to get coffee so I could actually complete this task, but it was worth it cause I ordered a decaf Americano with a teensy bit of vanilla syrup (sugar-free) and steamed non-fat milk. It was absolutely delicious. Way to go, Starbucks!

I’ll give you a brief tutorial on how to make it on Tuesday for our installment of ‘Tutorial Tuesday’ Be sure to check it out and Breana’s too – the title of her tutorial just kills me!

Enjoy the awesome photos that my amazing boyfriend took of them in the meantime. Thank you Richard Fusillo! ❤

You can purchase them on my Etsy!


Please everyone – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! It’s super important for our environment to be responsible about it!

Thanks & Happy Sewing!



One Response to “|Finished Project Friday|”

  1. Joe May 29, 2011 at 8:09 pm #

    Your coffee cup sleeves are fantastic! I would be proud of making them too! Great work!

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