Work In Progress Wednesday

25 May

Hello y’all, it’s the bride to be here checking in. I am having quite the time planning my wedding. One month left! Whew, time flies by when you’re stressed.  I wish I had the time to type up the last lesson about Gauge, but today, I thought I’d show you a little diddy I’ve been working on.

Right now for all my friends it’s baby season. I know about 3 girls who just popped one out, and 2-3 more that are planning to. In the spirit, I decided to knit some things up. Some things so far meaning, one thing. Haha. Today I have:

Baby Sophisticate by Linden Heflin

This cutie is a very sophisticated little cardigan for your little girl or boy. I love how versatile it is, and so elegant. I would love to see this in a red for a little Hugh Hefner in the making. So guess what color I started mine in?

You can see some pictures from Linden’s Stockinette Blog

So here is what I have so far:

Got to just below the armpits. I have a think for seamless raglan sweaters <3. I’m sad that my camera is being not so nice, so the color and clarity is a bit off. The red is an awesome rich red, bit deeper than cherry or firetruck. Not sure if it’ll work best for a boy or girl but we’ll see. This pattern apparently knits a bit small, so this is kinda test. I plan to make a vest for a friend who’s baby shower is extremely soon, and maybe some other accessories for the other mama’s.

Next time, I’m definitely using a slightly bulkier yarn. I’m just so impatient. Haha.

Well Happy Lurking!



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