|Craft Day at Beverly’s|

22 May

Yesterday, while Richard and I babysat, we took the kiddos down to Beverly’s for their Luau Party filled with crafts and snacks. As soon as we got there, B sat down and started on making a felt ring with feathers and jewels, dude headed for the table with the pineapple and punch, Richard meandered around watching, and I made a bracelet. It was a lot of fun to get some crafting in with the kids and to have my friends Robyn and Houry there with their kiddos. During the crafting and snacking, Beverly’s handed out raffle tickets and did free drawings – we won something! A flame pot! The kiddos also won blow up tropical animals.

I’ve never taken any of the classes that they offer or done any of their craft days, but I think I might get down there and try some out – I had a blast and I know Bry would too. Since I’m blogging so much about the classes they offer I’ll know whats going on so no excuses from me!

Here are a couple photos from the craft day and what we won:

{The kiddos and their prizes}

{Robyn took this photo}

{Bracelet I made}

{Rad flame pot we won}



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