|Etsy Seller Review – April|

16 May

Note how I didn’t title it like the previous entries.. ‘Featured Etsy Seller of the Month’. That is because I certainly do not want to ‘feature’ this shop anywhere, but to inform you of their customer service.

Grigiodesign. I purchased a super rad money clip for Richard with a semi-matching ring for myself from this shop. The seller’s name is Rossana. Upon receiving the packages after a fast shipment I prematurely left her feedback – which is something I highly recommend not doing. I would definitely wait a good solid week or more to try out the product purchased. Test the durability and how substantial it is. Then leave your feedback. I literally just opened the package, went to the computer, logged in, and left positive feedback. I regret it. This is why:

Not an hour later after putting the ring on did the thing break. After a little while, Richard’s money clip broke. I was a little disappointed, but it happens and nothing’s perfect. So I emailed the shop to let her know what had happened. She didn’t believe me! She in no way could imagine how the two pieces on both the jewelry could separate and told me to mail them back to her and she will send me two new pieces. With a little persuasion she would also send a prepaid envelope to mail the pieces to her in.

Well, weeks go by. A month goes by. Months go by. Nothing. No prepaid envelope, no new jewelry. I messaged her to see what had happened and she explained she was in the process of moving and is unpacking now, maybe she will get to the boxes that have what I need in them. After a couple weeks, finally I got them in the mail.

I open the package, they are what they are, which are rad, and Richard and I put them to use. So far, his has held up, but mine – only after a few weeks – did the same exact thing again. Break. I message her yet again, request a full refund of the ring plus envelope cost and shipping cost. I mailed the broken pieces to her today so I am hoping she will follow through promptly with the refund as soon as she receives them.

Now, Im baffled. This shop has over 1000 reviews and all of them are positive, 100%. I don’t understand. Either I just have bad luck with what she sent {it was clearly poorly handmade and that was the result of both the jewelry being defect} or people do exactly what I {used to} do and as soon as they open the package they leave positive feedback, put on their earrings, walk out the door, and they BREAK. And here us poor unfortunate are stuck leaving them positive, irreversible feedback with a pile of unusable metal in our hands, while they package and send defective product.

Grigiodesign’s products are cute, rad, and pretty, but don’t be fooled – pictures can only tell you so much!

Grigiodesign gets 5, unringed, thumbs down from me.


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