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You missed out….

31 May

….. and that’s okay ’cause now it’s mine!

That’s right…. No one commented on the Freebie Friday post so no winner to announce. I don’t know who wouldn’t want to jump all over that dress & jacket pattern, but now I can keep it and make the dress for myself!

But thanks to everyone who took the time to head over to our blog and check out what’s going on. Your continued support is awesome!

Check back tomorrow for an installment of Work in Progress Wednesday and Finished Product Friday at the end of the week!

Happy Crafting, Sewing, Knitting!



Tutorial Tuesday: Butt Gap!

31 May

When asking for tutorials, my friend Riana asked about how to get rid of the dreaded butt gap. The lucky girls are reading going “wtf is butt gap?” Well I have been blessed with a bubble butt. Along with that bubble butt, I don’t really have hips, and my waist is an about average 10″ difference from my hips. Since I don’t have hips, but ba-donk-a-donk, buying jeans can be an issue. A stressful, annoying issue.

You know when you put your jeans on and they fit perfect in front, maybe snug, BUT of course in the back it pops out? Ugh, how annoying, right? So when you bend over your pants fall down and half your crack is hanging out. Yet when you put on a belt to try to relieve it, you get that bunch in the back. Well with my knowledge of darts, and advice from seamstress co-worker Andrea, I fixed my pants! All you need are a sewing machine (or needle and thread if you have patience), couple pins, and the jeans.

First thing I do is put on the pants and check out how much gap is in the donk.

Please excuse the blur. Taking pictures of you bum is harder than you’d think.

Now I’m pulling in this picture, but you probably won’t need to. Try to evaluate and guess how large the gap is. Hmm, 2 inches maybe?

Pick the spots that you will be sewing in the darts. Usually a good spot to pick are the middle-right side, and middle left side. If you have a larger bum bum, or the pants are really gappy, you can also add one right in the middle as well.

If your pants have belt loops around these marks, you are very lucky. You can temporarily remove these guys and put the darts here, so they are more hidden. Yes it takes work, but it’s totally worth it if you get the chance. Sadly, most of my jeans don’t have belt loops in the right spot. Now remember when marking/pinning, you don’t have to have it go as far down as mine are. You could try to just do it on the top section if you like. But this doesn’t always remove the whole gap.

So if you had about 2″ gap, pinch the marked spot and pin. You want to start sewing on top about 1/2″.

This one was about 1/4″. This is already sewn, but this shows what I mean by pinch.

This one is about 1/2″. Now if you are like me (impatient, and can’t sew straight) your line will look like this beauty. Since it was really thick, my pants got stuck under the foot of my machine, haha. I’m not too picky, and it gets the job done.  Notice how it is sewn at an angle. That is what helps with the contour of your body. So there’s still room for the butt, but now it will fit a bit more snug on the waist/hip.

This is what it should look like after:

Oh the beauty.

Try on your pants. If it’s too tight, you will need to take out the seam, and just re-do it (1/4″ instead of 1/2″. Since it’s on the fold, the 1/2″ is a whole 1″ taken off the waist.) If you need more taken off, just make another line further in.

After all of that, you still have one more option. IF you want a neater look, you can sew the darts flat. Just fold it over to one side, and sew the top, and bam, it’s flat. I don’t really bother, cause as you all know, I’m lazy, haha.

And there you go! My donk! In my altered jeans! Now I won’t have to worry much more when I need to bend over. While you’re at it, you can check out my Zoeanddoyle Tension engagement ring. Tehe.

Well I hope this helps you girls (and lads) with the awful butt gap!

Happy Altering!


Wine, Wit, & Words

30 May

This Saturday, June 4th, The Literacy Council is having a FUNd-raising Spelling Bee for Grown-Ups at The Monday Club in San Luis Obispo. The event starts at 7pm and will include a night of laughs, wine tasting featuring local wineries, & treats provided by local restaurants.

How the Spelling Bee Works:

  • Form a team of four and pay $100 each to register {a total of $400 per team}
  • Promote your team’s businesses in fun ways
  • Invite your friends – at $40 per person – to join in the merriment and bee available to toss you a lifeline
  • Should you bee-come bee-fuddled by a bee-deviling word – for a bee-fittingly nominal fee – {bee sure to bring lots of $20zzz} you may attempt to: sting your competitors by bee-queathing it to them, buzz a friend in the audience to spell the word on your bee-half, even bee-dazzle the judges with a bee-nign bribe {to bee-stow upon The Literacy Council, of course}.
To sing up: call 805.541.4219 or go to Spelling Bee on The Literacy Council website.

Central Coast Quilt Shop Tour

30 May

This coming Friday,Saturday, Sunday {June 3rd, 4th, & 5th}, quilt shops of the Central Coast welcome you for a weekend of fun, fabric, and sales. All shops listed below are extending hours and offering 10% off all regular priced fabric! Grab your tour pass and map at the first shop you visit, have your pass stamped at each shop you venture to, take advantage of the 10% off fabric sale, and enter their drawings for your chance to win a quilter’s dream basket! There is no starting point – just visit one or as many as you want at any participating locations!

Here is a list and addresses of the participating locations:

{All shops open Friday & Saturday, 9am-6pm and Sunday, 10am-4pm}

  • The Quiltery | 1413 Riverside Ave #8 Paso Robles | 805.227.4561 |
  • Quilter’s Cupboard | 5725 El Camino Real Atascadero | 805.466.6996 |
  • Sew Fun | 8775 El Camino Real Atascadero | 805.462.9739 |
  • The Cotton Ball | 1199 Main Street Morro Bay | 805.772.2646 | the
  • Betty’s Fabrics | 1229 Carmel Street San Luis Obispo | 805.543.1990
  • Quiltin’ Cousins | 330 Pomeroy Pismo Beach | 805.773.4988 |
  • The Quilt Attic | 106 Bridge Street Arroyo Grande | 805.474.0717 |
  • Sew Stitchin’ | 197 S. 8th Street Grover Beach | 805.904.6145 |
  • Betty’s Fabrics | 1627 S. Broadway Santa Maria | 805.922.2181
  • Old Town Quilt Shop | 165 A W. Clark Ave Orcutt | 905.938.5870 |
  • The Fabric Quarter | 5708 Hollister Ave, Ste C Goleta | 805.683.3300 | the
  • The Treasure Hunt | 919 Maple Ave Carpinteria | 805.684.3360 |
  • Quilt Ventura | 4572 Telephone Road Ventura | 805.658.9800 |
The Prizes:
  • 1st Prize | Lime green feather weight sewing machine
  • Two 2nd Prize Winners | 50 yards of fabric for each winner
  • Two 3rd Prize Winners | $25 gift cards from each shop for each winner
  • Prizes at each shop at the door | Quilter’s dream basket
  • PLUS – 10% off all regular priced fabric for everyone!
In order to qualify for the prizes you must have your tour pass stamped at all the participating shops and turned in at the last shop you visit by 4pm on Sunday the 5th when the shop closes. For the door prizes, only one entry per shop per day.
Remember, if you don’t have time all three days to visit the shops thats ok – you can visit one or all in one day or two! Have fun and good luck!
P.S. If you visit the link, the info on the page says there are 11 shops participating, but the flyer I picked up at Betty’s Fabrics in SLO has 13 shops listed – I am going by the flyer.
Happy Quilting!
~Ashley & Breana

|Finished Project Friday|

27 May

I really haven’t been able to create much of anything new since I’ve been working overtime lately and fulfilling orders for my friend’s shop San Luis Art Supply. I’ve definitely stayed busy sewing, but nothing new. Until Wednesday….

I was going to do a ‘Work in Progress Wednesday’ post on this, but I actually finished them that night! So I am glad Breana was able to fill that void as far as that installment goes.

Now, I drink a lot of coffee. I cannot go a day with out it or I will go through withdraws. Migraines, irritableness, emo-tion-al as all heck. Before I decided to cut caffeine from my diet, I would drink the coffee at work so the need for disposable coffee cups were unnecessary, but since then I’ve been forced to go out and get decaf at my favorite place in the Five Cities – Cafe Andreini. What I love about them is all the disposable products they have are 100% recyclable. I am a nut about that stuff so I love to support it, but even so; recyclable or not, it’d be great to cut out as much waste as possible even from the recycling bin. So with that I decided to make coffee cup sleeves.

I found a basic tutorial online, went over it, threw it out, did one of my own, and created a masterpiece. I am actually quite proud of these little beauties. I did have to go out to Starbucks to get coffee so I could actually complete this task, but it was worth it cause I ordered a decaf Americano with a teensy bit of vanilla syrup (sugar-free) and steamed non-fat milk. It was absolutely delicious. Way to go, Starbucks!

I’ll give you a brief tutorial on how to make it on Tuesday for our installment of ‘Tutorial Tuesday’ Be sure to check it out and Breana’s too – the title of her tutorial just kills me!

Enjoy the awesome photos that my amazing boyfriend took of them in the meantime. Thank you Richard Fusillo! ❤

You can purchase them on my Etsy!


Please everyone – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! It’s super important for our environment to be responsible about it!

Thanks & Happy Sewing!


Freebie Friday!

27 May


Hey all! It’s friday and its time to give away something FOR FREE! 

I (Ashley) am actually quite jealous of this particular item because I am totally in love with it. I almost want to jump on my personal blog and comment just for the chance to win it, but that would be totally unfair! So I’ll just have to whisk it away to another deserving person.

Enough with the talkin’… what’s the item!??!

A really rad dress & jacket pattern.

I came across this and thought it would be perfect for anyone out there who uses patterns a lot, collects them, or wants to try it out for the first time. Plus, I practically got it for free so what better than to pass it along for free to someone else?

All you have to do is comment on this post sharing a horrible outfit made by your grandma using a pattern. I know I have plenty of those horrid outfits in mind I could talk about. If your grandma didn’t sew, then she wasn’t a real grandma! Haha, I’m just kidding. But if she didn’t sew you horrific clothes or any at all, but you still want to comment for a chance to win then share an idea of what article of clothing you would like to make using a pattern. Can I share one with you real quick? No? TOO BAD! Okay, my grandma used to make me tunics and leggings from a pattern using the most horrific print known to man. And my mom LOVED them so guess who had to wear em all the time…. yeah – me. Also, a pattern I am about to try out is baby booties. I’ve been wanting to make shoes for babies for the longest time and I picked up a pattern at Walmart for dirt cheap and felt at Beverly’s for mud cheap too. Those will be shared either with a Finished Product installment or Work in Progress installment.

Alright, so now that you know what to do for your chance to win, here are some photos and info on what you get for FREEEEE:

I tried to google the circa of this pattern and though I can’t find an actual date, I believe it is a pattern from the 80’s. It’s a See & Sew pattern by Butterick #5212 SizeA (8-10-12). This pattern is for a really awesome dress with coordinating jacket. I will say again, I am jealous to whoever wins this thing.

This contest will end Monday at 11:59pm Pacific time. It is valid for USA only. Only 1 comment per person. If we find out people are double commenting, you will be disqualified. The winners will be posted Tuesday.

Thank you for your support & good luck!

~Ashley & Breana

Beverly’s Fabrics June Classes

26 May

Every month Beverly’s has a line up of different kinds of classes you can take at different levels. Here is a list for June classes offered by the San Luis Obispo store only. Please check your local store for classes offered.


  • Sewing basics: Learn your machine | June 1 6:00-8:30 | Instructor – Ellen | $25.00 {bring your machine & manual}
  • Sewing basics: Fabric & pattern | June 8 6:00-8:30 | Instructor – Ellen | $25.00
  • Drawstring bag | June 15 6:00-8:30 | Instructor – Ellen | $25.00 {or $60 for all three classes}
  • Origami bag | June 4 10:00-3:00 | Instructor – Ellen | $40.00
  • Tiered skirt | June 11 10:00-3:00 | Instructor – Ellen | $40.00


  • Beginning jewelry | June 1 & 15 6:30-8:30 | Instructor – Kristen | $22.00
  • Intermediate jewelry | June 6 6:30-8:30 | Instructor – Kristen | $30.00
  • Advanced jewelry: Wire wrapping | June 13 6:00-9:00 | Instructor – Kristen | $36.00
  • Charm bracelet | June 8 & 20 6:00-8:30 | Instructor – Kristen | $36.00
  • Beginning Knitting/Knitted Loom Hat | Every Wednesday 3:30-4:30 | Instructor – Alicia | $12.00
Be sure to check back each month for a list of classes they will offer. Also, please stop by the links in this post to check out other local areas that offer classes for you to take.
Also! Beverly’s is having a Memorial Day fabric sale Sunday & Monday May 29th & 30th. Nows your chance to score your fave fabrics for cheap!
Happy Crafting!
~Ashley & Breana