|Snack/Wet Bag Adventure|

11 Apr

I am so very proud to announce that all the snack bags are finished and finally listed on Etsy!

So very stoked on these, not just because they look amazing and adorable, but because they were made with love & a purpose.

I am so tired of all these ziplocs being used – they get thrown away and fill up the landfills and are terrible for our Earth! I wanted to be able to create something that anyone could use to eliminate that problem and what a better way then to start with kids snack bags? I absolutely love them!

Please visit my Etsy shop to take a look at more photos and to purchase. I can make customizable ones and can do them in singles or in sets – the sky is the limit!

Thank you to my wonderful boyfriend Richard for all the photos! He’s pretty awesomesauce.


One Response to “|Snack/Wet Bag Adventure|”

  1. Bre's Mommy April 20, 2011 at 1:14 am #

    These are SO cute, Ashley!! I ❤ them! Awesome job, girl! And, YES, Richard sure is some AWESOMESAUCE!! He's my favorite photographer! ;0) ❤

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