f/stop this Blog’s Interview with Sew Basted I Wanna Purl

3 Apr

f/stop this blog with Richard Fusillo & David Rowe are featuring us for the month of April! These two young and amazing photographers asked us if they could feature our blog and what we are doing in all things crafty {at which of course we were stoked and said YES!}, interviewed us, took our photos, and asked us to give them a photography related challenge; which Breana & I are currently working on.

Here are some photos from the shoot and our interview:

1. Tell us what your blog is all about.

A fun blog about crafting in general with a focus on sewing and knitting. 🙂

2. How did you two ladies make the decision to create a blog about crafts?

Breana: I’ve attempted to start a couple blogs before, and one was a focus on my knitting adventures but it never quite panned out.

Ashley: I have always been big on blogging in my personal life and when I started to get in to sewing I wanted to include everyone in on that as well and share my adventures. It took one post on my personal blog for me to realize I wanted my adventures to be bigger than what my blog could allow. I also wanted someone to share that with me… so I asked Breana and she was all over that!

Breana: One day she called me, saying she wanted to do a crafting blog with me. I was flattered by the offer and on board right then.

3. What is your favorite beer or alcoholic drink to consume while crafting?

Breana: I like to stick with some beer, since ya know, it stains far less than wine. My current crafting favorites is Pete’s Wicked Strawberry Blonde or good ole’ Firestone DBA.

Ashley: Haha (Ashley laughs at Breana), that strawberry beer you gave me from our photoshoot night is still in my fridge waiting to get consumed. Maybe I’ll drink that tonight. Anyway, lately Richard and I have been baking strawberry pies. Yup, good ol’ homemade pies. When I’m sewing, I love to eat pie and when I eat pie I love to drink wine. So wine would be my fave, but I only drink it if I’m eating pie.

4. Are there any current projects happening or future ideas for the blog?

We are always brainstorming for ways to improve the blog. We want to be able to not only share our adventures in crafting and what we find useful, but to step it up and make what our fans, followers, viewers read helpful and entertaining. When we sat down to go over new things for the blog, we pretty much covered all the basis with the installments we introduced and the shop reviews that were already created. I think our goal is to build off of that and make it fun, maybe do more tutorials and give some advice to encourage more to create.

5. If you were a vegetable, how would you be cooked?

Ashley: Don’t cook me! I want to be raw. Everything is better in the raw.

Breana: Steamed! That way people find me delicious and good for them as well.

6. What has been your favorite craft project so far? This applies to both of you. What about the most challenging?

Breana: I call myself a multi-tasked/multi-crafted individual. I’m always hopping from one craft to the next. For the most part, I have a soft spot for knitting. The most challenging would perhaps be sewing. I love it but I get lazy, crooked and can’t sew a straight line.

Ashley: I am the complete opposite. I am a stick to whatcha know kinda girl. Sewing is my cup of tea and knitting is, well, not. This past month (March) was National Craft Month and I made it a point to try new crafts. All of those new crafts, if you read my posts about them, were challenging.

7. How does your blog support the local scene and all the hand-making artisans out there?

Ashley: Right when the blog started, I introduced writing reviews; every month I feature a Etsy shop (supporting hand-made) and review a local craft, knit, or sew store. I am not sure if they know I wrote about them, but I hope that it gives our followers and fans a good insight on what’s out there. I try to keep each review personal and non-biased as far as opinions go. That way, anyone who is reading can get useful information. I’d like to make it bigger and I’m not gonna lie… I’d like to get recognized for it as well eventually.

Breana: Thanks to Ashley keeping an close eye on events on the Central Coast she’s been able to give our readers a heads up on what’s going on. I hope to do the same for Portlanders.

8. Name a craft you want to learn. And if there’s a reason why, explain.

Breana: Hmm. Scrapbooking I would believe. I’ve done so many other crafts but yet never even dabbled in it. I love all the fun supplies that go along with it. I just feel like I don’t have the time or money to invest into it quite yet. One day I hope…

Ashley: Simply put… None. I am not a crafter in any way what-so-ever. However, I would like to broaden the spectrum of products I make and learn how to make clothes, someday, one day…maybe.

9. Where did the name “Sew Basted I Wanna Purl” come from? Cause it’s rad.

Breana: It was really a random thought that popped in my head. I come up with some bad puns and play on words. This time though I was pretty proud of myself. I get so giddy when people actually get it!

Ashley: (shaking her head) I get it and I love it.

10. If you could…would you?!

Ashley: Hell yes I would as long as you do it with me!

Breana: Oh, trust me…I would. But I wouldn’t advise many others to follow.

11. Favorite sewing technique that you swear by?

Breana: Does YouTube count as a technique? (laughs)

Ashley: Yes, Breana it does. Trust me :)

Breana: Anyway, I think my favorite is gathering cause it’s a quick baste & string pull, but adds cute details to projects.

12. Give our readers and your fans some advice. If they are starting to dive into arts and crafts what should they do first? What approach should they take, and what type of crafts do you recommend for someone that doesn’t have a giant income but really wants to start DIYing?

Breana: First off, the internet is your friend! There’s tons of sites you can learn a new craft without buying anything.

Ashley: There isn’t really any one craft that I can suggest to someone. Except for origami, cause that is the shit! If anything, you will just continue with origami for the sole purpose of trying to perfect that damn crane you can’t seem to get right! But in all seriousness, it is all about what you want to do and how involved you want to get. There are plenty of kits you can buy that are less than $20 that you can find at craft stores or even Walmart.

Breana: Also check your local thift stores for supplies.

Ashley: Research plays another big key…think outside the box for resources. You just might find an unexpected place that can do just what you need to help you in your crafting adventure.

Breana: One pretty cheap and fun craft are postcards too!

Ashley: By the way, DIYing is the shit also! Saves you crap loads of money!

Ashley: Since the question below wasn’t answered before in a previous interview and I was completely intrigued and quite offended that this wasn’t asked for ours, I took it upon myself to answer it for you.

What is your current opinion on the controversial topic of celestial reproduction amongst foreign domains?

First, I broke it down:

Current = Right now. | Opinion = My personal thoughts on any particular topic or subject.

Controversial = A topic that could lead to tension or ill will. | Celestial = Of relation to the sky.

Reproduction = The process of producing babies, which I would like to do.. soon.

Foreign = Not native, outside of your country, does not belong.

Domains = A territory over which rule or control is exercised.

Right now, my thoughts are, yes – I do believe in alien abduction but I am unsure if they can impregnate you and have their little alien babies take over our Earth.

Breana: I was going to go on and on about how I can’t comprehend why this trend is so controversial… but instead decided to go along with Ashley’s answer…

reproduction amongst foreign… yeah….

We feel very honored to be featured by Richard & David and shown recognition for what we do and where we want to be. Thank you guys for the feature and for your rad questions. Oh and the photos. We dig ’em and you guys!

Richard Fusillo

David King Rowe

f/stop this blog

~Breana & Ashley


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  1. Robyn April 3, 2011 at 9:31 pm #

    I loooOOOooove the first photo of Ashley with her shirt caught in the machine! Awesome. You guys are super cute.

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