|Slightly Discouraged? No way, it’s your loss!|

30 Mar

Last Friday we had another installment of our ‘Freebie Friday‘ in which Breana {in light of moving} was giving away some pretty useful and awesome skeins of yarn.

The chance to win was easy, like our other installments – simply leave a comment stating what your fave craft is. Bonus: tweet  Me oh my! Win a prize from the girls at sewbastediwannapurl! @basteandpurl http://bit.ly/ht14nR #craft #giveaway #sew #knit and leave another comment with your twitter name to double your chances of winning. It ran Friday to Monday and winners would be announced on Tuesday.

Tuesday came – no announcement. “Why!?!??! What!?!?!” Well, thats because you didn’t comment!

I don’t know about you, but I love all things free – Monday at 11pm I was considering hopping on my personal blog account and leaving a comment of having my nine year old daughter comment from her blog just so our post wouldn’t fail. But it made me consider a couple things…. it made me think about promoting our blog more, posting more, letting more people know about who we are, what we are about, and what we’re trying to accomplish.

The first two installments were so successful that it didn’t cross my mind that we wouldn’t have a winner and since I follow a lot of crafting blogs and they have comments up the wazoo, I just figured we would announce a winner Tuesday. We are thankful, though, to our friends that commented on our first two ‘Freebie Friday’ posts – it’s nice to have that support on a more personal level. It definitely makes us happy. And we want more!

At first I felt a little discouraged, but then I realized that you can’t win them all! Plus, we literally just started this blog – we can’t expect to be big overnight. It’d be nice, but it just isn’t realistic. And we are okay with that.

We hope that you find our blog useful and enjoy the installments that we have. If there is anything you would like to see change or added, please let us know. We are always down for feedback and want to improve so we can reach our goals set for this blog.

Thanks for your support and for checkin us chicks out.!

Happy Crafting!



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