Build your own Easter basket

30 Mar

I remember two things about Easter when I was a kid – Easter egg hunts and an Easter basket in the morning. I looked forward to the Easter basket the most because it came with everything that I was in to and I always wondered how the Easter bunny knew exactly what to leave me.

Then I became a mom and realized – ohhhh, that’s how.

The best and cheapest way to light up your child’s face on Easter morning is to build one yourself.

Things to take into consideration:

how much money do you want to spend
how many children do you need to prepare for
what are the children’s ages
what kind of things are/is the children in to

Once you have those covered, go from there.

There are several choices on what kind of ‘basket’ to use. You could go with the traditional woven basket or opt for a plastic bucket that could be re-used for beach or park trips. Another good alternative is a reusable eco-friendly drawstring bag. The kids can use that for their arts and crafting supplies afterward or take it to the grocery store to put your produce in! My suggestion, because I am all things re-usable, is to find something that either the child or yourself can find useful in the house or re-gift to someone so it’s not tossed in the trash at the end of the day.

After choosing the basket you need to fill it. Traditionally that plastic ‘grass’ is used, but I suggest using paper from your shredder or 100% recycled paper pieces. But you might not even need that if you choose a decent amount of items to fill the basket.

Now for the cool stuff – the things that makes kids so happy. Think about what your child is in to – are they in to sports? Fill it with sports related items. Do you have a girl that loves playing with her hair? Fill it with hair accessories like headbands and a cute comb. You know your children well enough to gather the perfect items for the basket.

Don’t forget the candy! And candy filled eggs! Hollow chocolate bunnies and caramel chocolate eggs were my fave as well as Jelly Bellies. You could also make your own treats!

“Where should I find these things with out breaking the bank?”

The perfect thing about that is, building your own simply wont. But you could save even more if you shop wisely. Do you have a dollar store around? That is the perfect place to find most, if not all, of your items. Also, Walmart, Kmart, Target {dollar section in the front!}, CVS, Rite Aid, and thrift stores are other options as well. If, like my family, you’re big crafters, don’t miss the deals that Micheal’s, Beverly’s, or any other local craft stores have to offer. If you visit a craft store, pick up some embellishments for your basket as well to add a special touch and personalize it even more.

It’s very easy to throw this together without spending a lot. Yes, it might be easier to just go buy a premade basket, but most of the time they’re way too much money, they’re not personal, and the toys… suck. Make your child happy with out breaking the bank and have some fun doing it!

Hurry, Easter is coming soon!


In celebration of National Craft Month, us girls here are giving away a craft basket for kids filled with goodies! All you have to do is leave a comment on any post tagged ‘National Craft Month’, one comment per post, and you’re automatically entered to win. One day left to comment! The winner will be announced April 1! Comment away!

Happy Crafting!



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