Couple Crafting

25 Mar

As one of my going away treats and in celebration of National Craft Month, Ashley and I planned a girls crafting night. I thought this was such a great idea! Why not work on some wedding decorations! Origami will lead the way!

However, both of these ideas faltered, but the night still ended well.

First off, due to scheduling conflicts, some of the girls weren’t able to make it. Understandable, we invited our boys along to hang out with each other while we got wild with the paper. I was surprised when, instead of huddling around the N64 (like usual), they actually participated! :D.

Next I thought we could do Origami. I mean, c’mon, I made cranes when I was like 10. Ha. Hahah. HAHAHA.

Grand fail…at first. We gathered around a few books from the Library, and grabbed some paper from Michaels.

As people came over and we got our craft on, we started to find things we could make. There were quite a few cranes, tons of petals for flowers, an owl, a horse, a Samurai hat, boat, the list goes on. Not all of them were perfect, but that wasn’t quite the point.

The point was to get friends together and try something new. We had a little beer, a movie in the background and a lot of paper crinkling with random chit chat in between folds.

Oh! And Ashleys daughter came along and started on her foam, no wait… felt Easter egg decorating kit from Michaels, which marks the beginning to Ashley & Brys week long fun of getting prepared for Easter with D.I.Y. crafting! Her egg turned out pretty awesome!

I highly suggest to get some friends together and try a new craft. Maybe show some friends something you know but they don’t. Its something that will bring your friendship closer and aquire (or work on) a new skill.

Happy Crafting!



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