|New Product/Work In Progress Wednesday|

23 Mar

A while back I had mentioned that I was going to be introducing a new product in celebration of National Craft Month and going green. I am so very excited to have these products in my hands – kinda. I have finished one set of three entirely, and have made the main bags of the other two sets; I’m just waiting for zippers.

Since I am so excited {really, I am. Everyone I know and see I am showing them the snack bags, even if they’re not a parent or are 3 years old}, I decided to take the opportunity of going over to my friend Ravelle’s house to help her sew and sew a snack bag for her 3 year old daughter, Lyla.

She wanted to put her cheerios in there

She kept saying, ‘Ashely, did you make this for me Ashely?’ Approval! She totally loved it. Its great to hear the parents approval, but its most important to have the child’s who is using it, making sure the ‘fun’ in ‘function’ comes out.

I should have all the sets complete by Friday for another installment of ‘Finished Project Friday’. Check back for all three sets then!

Happy Sewing!



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