|$100 and Under Art Show|

21 Mar

I was asked by my friend Jeff if I would like to show some of my bags in his upcoming art show titled “$100 and Under”.

Now to me, Jeff is big. Like big time artist & gallery owner and so when those words flowed out of his mouth and into my ears I was ecstatic.

The basis of the show was to include local original art priced just as titled – $100 and under. Which is awesome because most art shows include amazing art that I can never afford and even if I wasn’t asked to be in the show, I would have been excited to just attend the opening reception – because I would be able to afford at least something! The opening reception was last Friday the 18th and the art will be displayed until April 1st. Once tagged in a few online flyers on Facebook and added to the group, I was able to see who else would be in the show. I’m not gonna lie – to be in a show with these people makes me feel pretty darn special.

This is why:

Jeff Claassen


Neal Breton

Richard Fusillo

Alister Dippner

Josephine Crawford

Drew Davis

Danny Derrick

Just to name a few.

So yes, I feel a little special, no matter who says ‘Oh it’s not that big a deal.’ Ummmm, did you not see the names I just listed?

I personally feel awesome because my art, my craft – no matter it not be acrylic on canvas or stencils or photos – is being recognized and appreciated on a whole other level, which is where I would like my direction to be.

I don’t just want to make bags, totes, coin purses, etc…. I want my craft to be art eventually. I want it to evolve into something that can be useful as well as admired; and not just because my seams are straight. Mixed media/collaboration is my favorite type of art. Its art that is crafted and craft that can be art and I appreciate it so much more that way. Don’t get me wrong, I will always cherish where I started and what I have going for me right now, and I will always make that available to my customers and admirers. But I want to branch out eventually – collab and commission work would be amazing and this show is just the scene, just the opportunity for me to do that.

The night of the reception was just as it always is at Jeff’s gallery – packed and a complete social scene. I love settings like this surrounded by art because it seems to me that the art in San Luis Obispo county brings people together. We have something in common whether as an artist ourselves or an appreciator of art and it makes the gathering that much more pleasurable.

Through out the night people gazed over my bags, picking them up and inspecting them. I was quite proud to even have someone hold it in their hands and talk about them, even if they didn’t buy them. I think, maybe they’ll talk about my bags to someone who would like them and send them down to Jeff’s to take a peek and buy. And it’s not really for the money anyway – I really just love sitting at my machine and creating something awesome and functional. So to add to the appreciation of those bags and make the display of them appropriate for the occasion, I decided to hang them as a piece of art. I took a rectangle black wooden box, stapled awesome Sunglasses in Black Echino fabric behind, hung it on the wall and put the bags on the shelf. It looked pretty darn awesome hanging there and looked like an art piece – I think that definitely drew peoples attention.

One of the photographers of f/stop this blog, Richard Fusillo {who just so happens to be my amazing boyfriend!} covered the opening reception and took some awesome photos of the art. Check out what he was able to capture that night.


And amazingly, he was able to capture a photo of my art as well

If you didn’t get a chance to go to the opening reception, don’t worry. The art will hang for your viewing pleasure until April 1st so stop by The Claassen Gallery to check it out.

Open Tuesday-Saturday, Noon-6pm.

785 Marsh Street Suite B

P.S. Bry’s art is hanging as well as Richard’s photos.

Happy to be a part of the local art scene and included in an amazing art showing.

Arts & Crafts rule!



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