|Wow mom, you got those on the first {second} try this time|

20 Mar

Yes, that’s right… we attempted to retry the two craft fails from two weeks ago and after finding two very good tutorials on Youtube {how did I miss them before?}, I figured them out – first try!

The first craft we retried was the weaving loom. I was determined to figure it out and searching through video after video I finally found one. I searched ‘how to finish a weaving loom’ and came across this video.

This lady is hardcore playin her Radar Love – Golden Earring music while weave looming away. But it was informational and helped me cast off and finish what was going to be a sitting craft fail.

Check out our awesome finished pot holder!

Bam! Look at that. Done.

Bry did the entire weaving, I just casted off when she was done.

After dominating the loom, I diverted our crafting attention to the lanyard keychain. We didn’t even get to start that because I just couldn’t remember how to. So again, Youtube tutorial searching began.

I came across this cute little video tutorial by a girl around Bry’s age. Again, how in the world did I miss this one the first time? She was very informational and the camera angles were super important – I actually need to see what is going on!

I started {yay, I actually started it!} the lanyard and did a few rows then showed Bry what to do and she picked it right up. We traded off; her doing a few rows, then I do a few rows. That way we both wouldn’t tire of it and our hands wouldn’t cramp up.

Close to being done

It’s a really relaxing craft. I can actually sit and watch a movie with Bry while doing it and not feel like I can’t get it done like how it is when I’m sewing. Eventually after trading off so many times, we finished it!

It feels good to know that I didn’t let two small little things stop me from finishing a craft project. And in a way it teaches her that failure is not an option! Bry plans on giving the little lanyard keychain to her teacher 🙂

I was able to pick up these two crafts for pretty cheap. The weaving loom I got at Walmart for under $10 and I also got some extra craft loops so we can make many more projects. {Walmart’s site doesn’t list the weaving loom set and craft loops that I bought so I linked you to the same through Amazon}

The lanyard keychain set I actually got at The Dollar Tree! We could probably make about 15 lanyards with how much craft lace that was included – for only $1! {The Dollar Tree doesn’t have a listing for what we picked up so I liked you to an Ebay listing. It is not the same brand, but it’s the same thing anyway}

Remember, even if you feel defeated, keep trying and you will soon conquer that crafting battle and create some awesome stuff. Plus, crafting is so cheap! I mean lanyard sets for $1?!?!

Happy crafting!



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