20 Mar

Well, as you all know, I had not just one, but two crafting fails in a weekend. So to eliminate frustration with out giving up completely, Bry & I decided to start on more of her bracelets last Sunday. These awesome little things are made from my fabric scraps as well as the scraps from out friends at Picking Daisies.

Recently, they were shown in a bracelet show at Baxter Moerman Jewelry shop in San Luis Obispo for Art After Dark. All five of them submitted sold the first night!

It’s neat when Bry gets into a craft I’ve introduced to her, but when she is crafting her bracelets – it’s pure passion. And to top it off, these things really are cool.

I help her out by knotting one end, holding onto that end so she can braid, then knot the other end to finish it off. But she picks out the scraps she wants and does all the hard work herself.

Here she is working on her bracelets

Also, did you know that they’re also listed on my Etsy?

Tomorrow we will be working on some beading project as well as finishing off the loom weaved pot holder! Yes, YES it will be finished! Savanna is coming back over to help {she doesn’t know this yet hehe} and to also learn some more sewing. You’ll be able to hear about how those three events go soon enough. For now, you can read my blog post to crafting fail linked above and laugh a lil’ while you get to crafting!

Happy, happy!



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