|Work in Progress Wednesdays|

16 Mar

Here we are again, it’s Wednesday and it’s time to let you all know what Im working on.

A while back when I was at work, a mom brought her kid in with a diaper bag full of snacks. These snacks she had were in bags kind of like how I make my coin purses, only bigger and the oilcloth lining was on the inside instead of out and had adorable kiddo fabric on the outside. I thought to myself… I could totally make something like that!

So now I have the opportunity to sit down and try it out and I couldnt be more excited about it.

Im not the most green person youll ever meet… I still take too long of showers and occasionally leave a light or two on. But when it comes to recycling and reusing, I am a nut about it. Heck, if I had rescources enough and the getup, Id recycle my water and install solar panels. But alas, I dont… so super hot 15 minute showers and the hall light on when Im scared will have to do.

I love resusable bags. I have SO MANY of them! I even attempted reusable produce (titled ‘multi use’) drawstring bags on Etsy… but Id rather buy my own and you should too, cause those things are a stitch to make!

Also, I have a kiddo myself who enjoys the occasional lunch from home for school and I am so over ziploc baggies! I reuse those when I can, actually. Id like to be able to have something I can use over and over and wipe clean easily and is super fetch too.

So I will create them; awesome reusable, wipeable snack bags that will make every kid say ‘ooooooo’ followed by the mom saying ‘ahhhhh’. These will be ultra rad!

I am working on three sets of three that will have a cool pattern coordinated with awesome solids. Theyre for an upcoming Art After Dark show at a local store in San Luis Obispo called Bambu Batu on April 1st. Serious, its on April 1st… no joke 😛

After the first of April, I will offer what doesnt sell (they better sell!) and make more for my Etsy store.

Speaking of Etsy store… I will have coin purses listed by Saturday for you all to swoon over and I know you will cause theyre cheap and look amazing!

Anyway, look at the awesome fabric I picked out!

And currently I have the cuts made and that’s it.

‘Why do you only have cuts made??’ The answer is simple: the oil cloth I ordered came today and it is NOT going to work for this project.

I feel deflated. So now it’s off to find some PUL or pliable oil cloth that will coordinate well with three different patterns, several different colors, and can easily be pulled out and wiped clean.

Check back next Friday for the finished product. They wont be for purchase till after the first and fabric is to availability only so either shoot me an email: sewbastediwannapurl [at] gmail [dot] com or convo me on Etsy for a custom order after theyre listed.

Folks, please reduce, reuse and recycle!

Happy Sewing!



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