|Crafting Fail… Way to go Mom!|

14 Mar

*Please note: Even with the major fail on my part, I still encourage you all to craft – even if you aren’t the crafty type!

Since it’s National Craft Month, I decided it would be a good idea to do a weekly craft with my daughter, Bry. Last weekend we sat down and attempted to make a lanyard keychain. I used to make them with this girl Tiffany that I lived with back in my teen years. We made several of them all the time. Man, we should have sold them back then! So we got all our materials out…

… and I’d show you more photos but I can’t….

Because I literally forgot how to start a lanyard! I know how to make it – once it’s started. So I jumped on youtube to see if I could find a tutorial… and I did. But for the life of me could not understand a single one of them! Usually I don’t give up, but because I was so frustrated that I couldn’t even start the darn thing and we had a back-up craft, I said ‘screw it, we’re moving on!’

So we did.

Loom Weaving… ahhh, the good ol’ days! I got so excited because I used to make these back when I was younger than Bry even. We got all the stuff out and I showed Bry what to do. She was way in to it.

She wanted to do the entire thing.

Which was awesome cause Bry is the more artsy type than sitting down and being a crafter. She’s a stick to whatcha know kinda girl, as am I, so to see her take charge was quite amazing. We both totally got into it. Then she completes the entire thing and its time to finish it off.

And I seriously forgot how to finish it!

So again, I get on youtube and try a tutorial. Nope, don’t get that one… or that one… or that one… or even the darn directions it came with! I attempted the directions and, well… fail. I’ve never been one to be able to follow directions well – I have to be shown and since there was no one around to show me, I, again, got very frustrated and said ‘Nope, no more. We will do more crafts next weekend.’

So this past weekend we sat down and made more of her amazing bracelets. They’re crafty, and its what we already know… and until I can find someone to help me start and lanyard keychain and finish a weaving loom project – we will stick to what we know!

I felt bad for not being able to start and finish two projects in one night, but after thinking about it {and the awesome reassurance from Bry}… you don’t have to complete a project to be able to craft. It’s about connecting and bringing family together and learning something along the way. And when Bry decided to do her bracelets this weekend instead of something new I was okay with that. We had our quality time together and we actually got something done!

I hope you all are keeping up on your crafting this month. And if any of you know how to start a lanyard or finish the loom – let me know!

Also, remember that if you comment on any post tagged “Nation Craft Month”, that will put you in the drawing for our NCM prize – a gift basket packed with awesome crafty goodies for kids!

Comment away and Happy Crafting!



2 Responses to “|Crafting Fail… Way to go Mom!|”

  1. april March 15, 2011 at 7:35 am #

    Too funny& cute! You get props for trying! 🙂


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