|Sundae Kind of Love|

12 Mar

I met Amy when she started to intern for a friend of mine who baked delish cupcakes. Super sweet gal with gorgeous hair and a very big gift for my favorite food group – desserts! {Among other delicious treats!}

Our blog is mostly geared toward the crafty, sewy, knitty kind, but who says baking and food presentation can’t be a craft too? And let me tell you, this girls got it down.

She bakes anything delicious from pies, to cupcakes, to peanut butter swirls {her boyfriends favorite – showcased in this post}. Every time I read her blog I get hungry and my mouth starts to water and then I think to myself, ‘… must…. make…. dessert….’, even if it’s 2 am. Not only do her photos make you want to go on a sugar overload, but reading the actual ingredients make me feel like I need an insulin shot!

Next weekend I get the luxury of being able to go over to her cozy cottage and cook, sew, drink, and bake up a storm with her – and let me tell you, I can’t wait! I’m excited to showcase my craft while shoving her craft down my throat. When I’m drunk, done, sewn, and food coma’d, I will blog about my delish experience with the amazingly talented woman Amy, who takes baking to a whole new crafty level!

You can follow her tasty adventures here.

Warning: You may develop an immediate need for SUGAR so if you are a diabetic, on a diet, pregnant, or participating in lent I highly advise you to read with caution. And if you’ve never liked deserts before, you will now – just from reading her posts. Keep up the good baking, Amy! I’m a fan.

Happy baking, sewing, and craftiness!



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