|Wow, those are some big pot holders you got there!|

8 Mar

This past Sunday one of Bry’s friends came over so I could show her how to use a sewing machine and in the process, create something she could take home to be proud of.

I had picked up this amazing fabric from my dear friends at Picking Daisies. It is a super cool retro pattern that I fell in love with and immediately decided would be perfect to create some pot holders out of – a simple thing to create for a first time learner.

Savanna had never used a sewing machine before so after cutting the fabric for the pot holders, I showed her how to set up everything and then I had her do it all over again. From plugging it in to winding the bobbin to threading the machine and everything in between and beyond. Then I had her pin the fabric and batting pieces together and we got to gettin’ on the machine.

She started out, as any first timer would, with crooked seams to quilt the pot holder. But as she started getting more into the project, her seams got straighter and more even in between.

After the quilting part was finished, we took a break. Haha – all that teaching a sewing made us hungry! So we went to Sylvester’s Burgers in Atascadero and the kids got a little silly.

After that lovely break, we got back and cut the pot holders to size and sewed around each edge. Next was putting the bias binding on. For this I cut 2″x 36″ of the same fabric used – this was just to finish off the edges. We used a zig zag stitching to make it more unique.

All in all, she did a good job. Savanna picked up on how to use the machine quite easily and her finished product was definitely something to be proud of.

Product and materials used:

  • Early Bird Toasters Fabric by Cosmo Cricket
  • {2} 10″x10″ of Early Bird
  • {2} 10″x10″ of super muslin
  • {2} 2″x36″ Early Bird for bias binding
  • {6} 10″x10″ organic cotton batting
  • Coordinating light blue thread
  • Rotary cutter
  • Measuring tape


Layering the fabric and batting: {1} super muslin, {3} batting pieces, {1} early bird – pin around edges

Repeat for second pot holder

Quilt the pieces in any pattern you want. {Horizontal to pattern, vertical to pattern, or diagonal to make a diamond pattern}

Eat a delicious side salad and fries from Sylvester’s Burgers

Cut pot holder to size

Sew around edges, 1/4″ from edge

Pin bias on and make a straight seam around bias

Option: Use my favorite stitching {zig zag} to finish edges on bias and make your pot holder unique. Or don’t and be boring! {Just kidding!}


I had a lot of fun helping Savanna create this and can’t wait to make more things with her. Because I cut the fabric so big {got measurements from a couple online tutorials}, we ended up with GINORMOUS pot holders! Lol. Thank goodness her dad has big hands! Haha.

Breana & I encourage you to be a mentor and spread the crafting fever. If you know someone who mentors, teaches, holds workshops, etc, let us know so we can get the word out. help celebrate National Craft Month!



One Response to “|Wow, those are some big pot holders you got there!|”

  1. Savanna! :) March 10, 2011 at 5:30 pm #

    Thanks for teaching me Ashley! I had so much fun with you too. I love you soo much!

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