Work In Progress Wednesday

2 Mar

Now it’s my turn! 😀

This wednesday I’d like to post my long lived work in progress. Seriously, this thing has been hibernating on and off for 4 or so months. Tisk on me.

These are the Beer Gloves by Kurt Fausset. This was in the book Son of a Stitch and Bitch by Debbie Stroller. I’m making these lovelies for my brother who lives in nippy Portland. Sadly, I had these promised for Christmas, haha. I really hope to finish these, and get onto a pair for my other brother, and possibly eventrually a pair for myself. Family first, ya know. I love love love love loveeee this yarn though.

It’s a usual Lion Brand Wool Ease in Forest Green Heather. Really, the color is my favorite part. I want a sweater made out of this stuff. It’s dark green with teal & gold mixed in ever so subtly.

I did have to start this twice because of the cable was way too long. Also When I started, since I’m using a thicker yarn, I had to use less stitches. So I started with 36 instead of 40 and fiddled the rest of the math. I think the cable came out nice. Especially since I always forget which row I’m on. Haha.

It has a chart for a seed stitch palm to mimic a bottle opener helper. I think from now on I’ll skip this step. It’s kinda cool as a decoration, but nothing i absolutely love. I’m hoping to finish BOTH of these gloves by the end of the month, you know, when it actually starts to get warmer. Haha. Good thing for me though, is it stay pretty cold in Portland most of the time, and he likes to go stay in a cabin where it’s snowing quite often.

I’ll have another treat for Finished Friday, can’t wait to show you! I also hope that this week or next I can post my 3 part explanation on Knitting Gauge. I would’ve loved to start it earlier, but ya know, with getting married in 4 months, and yet to have a venue. Plus the fact, I’m moving in about 3 weeks.  And still working full time. Whew!


Happy Knitting,




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