|Featured Etsy Seller of the Month: February|

2 Mar

I love looking for fabric! I don’t always buy it, but every day I am on Etsy or google or SOMEWHERE just looking and looking and looking at fabric. It’s quite an addiction.

The shop I’m featuring for February has some incredibly rad fabric that you can’t find elsewhere, out of prints, as well as current lines from designers and more! She even carries my FAVORITE – Echino! And as a bonus, her prices are cery reasonable!

There was some fabric I saw last year that caught my eye loooooong before I sat in front of a sewing machine to create things and when I found it in her shop I just had to have it. So I bought it.

Transaction was smooth, sweet seller, fast shipment and packaged very nicely.

My demand for new fabric is down so I, unfortunately, haven’t had the need to purchase any more from her at the time, but I am constantly looking at what she has to offer and am always pleased with what I see.

Kallistiquilts has some of the best fabric selections out there as far as Etsy goes, so go check out her shop!

Kallistiquilts on Etsy – thumbs up for me! Thanks for making my transaction smooth!



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