National Craft Month

28 Feb

Hey! Did you all know? March is National Craft Month! Now is your chance to showcase your crafty skills and challenge yourself to do something crafty every day in March. Or you could pass along your knowledge to someone else and spread the craft fever. ‘But I haven’t ever been the crafty type!’ you say? Well, that’s no excuse! Breana & I will give you plenty of ideas to kick start that crafty little devil inside you just waiting to burst out. There are lots of positives to being or becoming a crafter – bring your family together, enhance, sharpen, or learn new skills, and hey… it’s also a stress reducer! NOW WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? GET TO CRAFTING!

Things to look for this month on our blog:

  • Weekly featured craft project done by Ashley and her daughter Bry
  • Craft ideas and on-going D.I.Y. projects for Breana’s upcoming wedding fit for any bride
  • Ashley will be extending her sewing skills to a lovely little lady and will give tips on how you can also be a craft mentor
  • Links to our favorite craft blogs along with videos on crafting and tutorials
  • Local crafting events through out the month
  • Fun ideas to get you prepared for Easter including creating your own Easter baskets, egg decorating and more!
  • Sneak peek at a new craft project Ashley is working on that will be completed by the end of March
  • Featured craft night with Breana, Ashley & friends



Yes, that’s right folks, you read that right. A giveaway! No, this isn’t a ‘Freebie Friday’ thing – this is a special giveaway in celebration of National Craft Month. All you have to do is comment on any post tagged “National Craft Month’. You can comment up to one time on each NCM post and at the end of the month one winner will be chosen and announced on the second day of April. ‘Why not the first of April?’ and ‘What is the prize??’ you ask? Well, not the first because we do not want anyone to feel like they will be tricked since April 1 is, of course, April Fools Day. And the prize is pretty darn cool…. a gift basket packed with lots of crafting goodies for kids!

Also, we would love to hear your feedback, suggestions, see crafting photos, tutorials, and how you’re celebrating National Craft Month. Simply email us at: sewbastediwannapurl {at} gmail {dot} com. We encourage craftiness and would love to feature your ideas, pictures, and more on our blog!

Happy Crafting Everyone!

~Breana & Ashley


3 Responses to “National Craft Month”


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